Chicago Lawyer on a Mission to Help Women GCs

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Deborah Solmor wants to make it easier for women general counsels to succeed. As a big firm litigator and then an in-house head of litigation turned general counsel five years ago, Solmor found that her new role came with many expectations that neither law school nor law firm experience had prepared her for. The job […]

35 Years of Entity Management Innovation: The Filejet Story

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Business processes are continually evolving and traditional functions like legal, customer service, and HR are no exception. While compliance, in-house legal departments, and administrators can find it challenging to incorporate new technology into long-established ways of doing things, it’s part of staying competitive. Digital automation simplifies and streamlines many business processes and leaves more time […]

Founder Andy White on Filejet Pricing & The True Cost of Entity Management

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Filejet CEO and Founder Andy White gets a lot of questions about the true costs of entity management and the different levels of service and pricing that Filejet provides, so we sat him down for a friendly interrogation. Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation: Q. Why does Filejet offer different levels of service? Not […]

How Entity Management Automation Frees Corporate Counsel Time & Ensures Compliance

Corporate Counsel

Your corporate counsel is a valuable and highly compensated team that can easily get bogged down in the minutiae of annual business registration compliance. Filing state level annual reports, DBA renewals and license renewals for every legal entity in every jurisdiction is tedious and time-consuming work. Some corporate counsels turn to registered agents for help; […]

How to Maintain a Compliance Calendar Without Stress

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In a world where legislation is constantly changing and new regulations are being implemented, businesses must be up to date on their compliance obligations. Otherwise, businesses know they could find themselves in serious trouble. Compliance is a modern priority for all companies, and Filejet is a solution that manages the heavy workload while lifting stress. […]

Five Major Entity Compliance Mistakes to Easily Avoid

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As an in-house team knows, corporate compliance is one of the most important parts of the job. Noncompliance can result in audits, hefty fines, and sometimes even termination of your business. But it’s equally true that keeping a finger on the pulse of your corporate compliance at all times is a significant undertaking. There are […]

Entity Management Software: Addressing Inadequate Reporting

Poor reporting leads to bad decisions, false data, and inefficient practices, but finding the right entity management solution can allow your company to create quality reporting that can inform better decision-making. Your best bet is to find a solution that can help your business bridge the gap between inadequate reports and informed decisions. The Current […]

Business License Renewal: Eliminate Disorganization & Process Headaches

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Clearly, it’s vital to be recognized by your government as a business in order to do business. The last thing your company needs are headaches and complications surrounding your business license renewal process. Most in-house legal teams are absolute champs who are proactive with business license renewal whenever possible. However, heavy workloads and organizational burdens […]

How the Corporate Transparency Act Impacts Entity Management

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Since the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) was enacted into law in 2021 it hasn’t received significant attention outside the legal community. Many businesses remain unfamiliar with CTA’s exact stipulations even though the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) estimates that its reporting requirements will affect over 32 million business entities. Failure to comply with these requirements […]