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Entity Management Software FAQ

Filejet does a lot, so sometimes you’ll have questions. Below are the most common ones, but if you have more, feel free to use our live chat.

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Yes, once a new entity is formed on Filejet or an existing entity is added, Filejet will automatically notify you when maintenance and compliance tasks are due. You no longer have to remember due dates and specific forms. 

Yes, Filejet is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere with internet access.

Yes, Filejet uses Microsoft Azure Server Networks for its off-site cloud servers. We understand that protecting shareholder data is more important than ever. That is why we, along with many of the world’s largest organizations use MS Azure. This is one of the most secure work environments available.

Yes, you can invite anyone you like, both inside or outside of your organization. You control their access by giving them View or Edit rights. Additionally, you can invite users to have access to individual entities or all your entities across your organization.

Paid users have full access to the entire system whereas a collaborator has limited access.

We have multiple pricing options depending on the level of usage starting at $25 per entity per year.  We have multiple package options to match every kind of platform user from “DIY’ers” who want to handle everything themselves and need platform keep them notified and organized all the way to “No-Touch” users who want the automated platform to handle everything and to only connect when needed.

There is no need to worry about making separate fees to the States.  Filejet handles all the State fees for you.

Tons of ways!  Let’s schedule a quick call to better understand how you currently handle entity formation, organization, and on-going compliance now.  We’ll be able to show you specific immediate benefits.  

Yes, it is as easy as drag and drop from your computer. Users enjoy the easy process of moving entity management to Filejet. It is also not limited to just storing entity documents. Add any documents you like. We have many users who add things like copies of contracts, permits, reports, etc.

Yes. You can easily add them yourself anytime if you like or we can assist with a mass upload if there are many.

Yes. You can see all our transaction history and track orders in process by users. We can also build custom reports if needed.

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