File Security Tips for Your Property Management Company

Property managers need to keep good records and maintain confidentiality. Improper disclosure of information about transactions or the condition of a property will only lead to trouble. Loss of files can seriously disrupt operations. A negligent management company may face lawsuits and customer distrust.

Property managers often receive confidential financial and payment information. Handling maintenance and utility bids and contracts often requires discretion. Prematurely disclosing documents to outside parties will cause trouble. Avoiding these problems requires attention to file security.

Unauthorized access to file systems lets criminals use personal financial information for fraud and identity theft. They can scramble files using ransomware, shutting down operations until you can recover the files. Paying the ransom doesn’t always get the files back.

Important security steps

Luckily, taking the right file security measures will greatly reduce these risks.

Passwords are the first line of defense. They should be long and hard to guess. “Password” is a terrible password. “Green#Running” is better. “R519mo.v5CXql” is excellent. Never share a password with others or use it for more than one account. A password manager saves you the need to remember difficult passwords.

Have copies of all important files in a secure, offsite location. Avoid free sites and instead find a service that guarantees its security with a service level agreement. A good cloud service transfers files with a secure protocol and encrypts them in storage.

Limit the use of email for document sharing. Emailed files are easy to intercept. Use a secure file sharing service, and keep the account setup separate from file transfer.

Keeping client confidence high

When you take strong security measures and tell your clients about them, they recognize that you know what you’re doing and you care. They will have more confidence in you and will recommend you to others. They’ll be able to provide you the information you need while feeling confident that it’s safe in your hands.

We can help simplify your business processes while maintaining the security you need. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from our services.

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