How Filejet Will Help You Say Goodbye to Your File Sharing Apps & Services

Overloaded by file sharing services? You’re not alone. The average enterprise uses an astonishing 57 file sharing services, and the average employee uses 4 distinct file sharing services like Box, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google. While smaller entities may not require the use of quite so many services, it’s still no secret that managing important documents across an array of file hosting services is less than efficient. This means that those who manage entities have to use multiple file hosting options and then still have to find another solution for entity management, then log into different portals to pay them.

Filejet picks up where the support of these file hosting services end. Filejet can replace your multitude of hosting services for entity management and streamline your entire workflow for good. Here’s what you need to know. 

Filejet: More Than Just a Document Repository

File hosting services like Dropbox are a virtual bookshelf. If you put a document there, it just sits there. Others can read these files, but as far as Dropbox is concerned, these files are set in stone. 

Although hosting services like Dropbox and Box offer 3rd party integrations and custom template options, there’s no collaboration or support for entity management. Users cannot file, form, or even manage their entities, whereas Filejet is a complete entity lifecycle management solution. Besides the file hosting services Filejet provides, it’s been carefully designed to offer aid for entities at every point of existence, including the creation, management, payment, and filing of each entity. What’s more, Filejet allows you to customize documents for individual entities, separate jurisdictions, and more so you can stop shelving documents and start managing entities from a single, unified location.

How Filejet Is Different

It’s true, Filejet offers file hosting in a single, centralized space, where users can provide shared access to documents and even organize projects and tasks. Like many file hosting services, Filejet also sends automated notifications and enables users to share files in the cloud to access anywhere. But this is where the similarities stop. File hosting services are limited to just that: File hosting. Filejet extends beyond file hosting to keep your entities moving.

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