Filejet Client Spotlight: Allen Corporation Supply

It is no secret that the ways of doing business are continually evolving and changing. Even traditional industries like the legal and accounting fields are no exception. CPA’s, lawyers, and private equity firms can find it challenging to incorporate new technology into their established processes. However, it is often necessary to remain competitive. Plus, software technology can simplify and streamline the way you do business.

Here at Filejet, we are proud to announce Allen Corp Supply as a valued client! Allen Corp Supply is a well-known company with extensive knowledge of business entity formation. They have over 35 years of expertise and bring with them their strong, loyal customer base.

Allen Corp Supply found it challenging to keep up with the annual maintenance, special filings, and other documents associated with their clients’ entities. This is where Filejet came in. Through technology, we helped to improve Allen Corp Supply’s entire process of entity formation and maintenance.

Filejet’s software modernized the way that Allen Corp Supply conducted business. Could it do the same for your company? Read on to learn more about how the partnership between Filejet and Allen Corp Supply is revolutionizing the legal and accounting field.

Allen Corp Supply’s Story

Allen Corp Supply is a business entity formation company that works with some of the largest law and accounting firms in California. They have a great reputation for their outstanding customer service. Therefore, it’s no wonder why so many people trust Allen Corp Supply to get businesses up and running.

Adopting Filejet’s software platform was the next logical step for Allen Corp Supply to help bring them into the 21st century. Filejet has a modern user interface and utilizes efficient cloud and web-based technologies. Here are some of Filejet’s most notable benefits:

  • Facilitates Communication – Many people interact with and have a role to play in an entity’s formation. Filejet’s platform enables communication to flow amongst everyone involved – all within one place.
  • Provides a Complete Document Repository – Filejet stores all the documents related to an entity in one location. Plus, all the members associated with an entity easily can access information in the document repository that they need to complete and maintain it.
  • Takes the Guesswork out of Maintenance – With Filejet, maintenance of your entities is straightforward – it even gives you alerts when filings are due. Having a single software program that manages all your entity’s upkeep for you helps alleviate many frustrations.

At the helm of Filejet is founder Andy White and President Chris Hernandez. Andy is an investor in several successful companies, and Chris has worked with some of the top organizations within the software industry. Andy, Chris, and their team applied their combined experience and expertise to take Allen Corp Supply’s processes up to the next level. Sometimes a fresh perspective is just what a company needs to breathe new life into their business!

Logically, Allen Corp Supply knew that advancements within technology would benefit their organization. Nevertheless, they were apprehensive on how they would adjust to the new ways of doing business. Fortunately, Filejet’s platform was easy to learn. They were able to quickly form new entities, add existing entities, and update any new services to maintain compliance.

The Dynamics of the Filejet and Allen Corp Partnership

For 35 years, Allen Corp Supply has helped businesses like yours with their entity formations. Partnering with Filejet helped to update and reinvigorate its technology – all while still maintaining the high standards of customer service clients expected from Allen Corp Supply.

We are confident that you will also enjoy the simplicity of Filejet’s valuable new interface and all its enhanced features. Plus, it will hopefully mean a lot less work for you since your clients can access their entities’ information and documents by themselves.

Combining Allen Corp Supply’s exceptional customer service with the technology of Filejet elevated the services they can now provide to their clients. Additionally, it also helped take the hassle out of corporate filing and maintenance. Finally, it made staying in compliance more straightforward and kept them better organized.

Now that you know more about the benefits of Filejet, it is time to see the difference it can make in your company. Click here to schedule your demo today!

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