What Sets Filejet Apart

There are plenty of entity management solutions out there to remind business owners, attorneys, and CPAs about filing deadlines and fees. 

That’s where most of the features stop. 

We created Filejet because we tried a lot of those other tools, and just didn’t see them as the robust solutions they were made out to be. 

With these other tools, it still took far too long to manage filing events across multiple jurisdictions, and was far too easy to miss a filing and slip out of compliance. Or, users could use these tools to form an entity, but couldn’t get any of the support they needed to manage it once they did. 

So, we created a solution that did more. An entity management platform that helps businesses at scale, and picks up speed where other tools start to fall off. Here’s what sets us apart. 

Form & File Entities in Any State

Filejet was carefully engineered with one goal in mind: To be a whole-entity lifecycle management platform. It’s a single, convenient solution that gives companies the ability to create new entities anywhere in the country. You can maintain and organize your entities—all in one place. 

What’s more? You can file directly through Filejet in all fifty states, connecting to each secretary of state’s portal so you can pay fees from a single platform across multiple entities and throughout multiple jurisdictions.

Forms, files, and all the documents you need for state-by-state filing are all stored securely in the cloud, so you can better share with key stakeholders and collaborators across your business. No more downloading or scanning in annual filings, or emailing for a copy of the Annual Report. Filejet is always updated with your most recent documents, which you can organize into custom folders and share with other people in your organization with edit or read only access.

Platform-Wide Personalizations

Not all state entity filing requirement processes are exactly the same, and as such, Filejet is designed to help users meet their individual needs and manage their unique documents from state to state.  

Filejet gives users the power of customizable document management to securely store and title files, licenses, and registrations.. These documents can be altered at any time to adhere to each state’s requirements and regulations. 

The platform is all-encompassing. 

Users can manage multiple entities from a single account, using one login to centralize all entity management. You don’t have to juggle multiple secretary of state logins, and spend half your time resetting the passwords you inevitably lost or forgot.

Additionally, Filejet is collaborative. Users can share and collaborate with multiple stakeholders, adding security features, access controls, and unique logins and passwords for each person on their team.

While some platforms send reminders about due dates, that’s where the features end. Filejet takes you through the finish line, with full calendar integrations for Google and Outlook. These filing reminders and tasks come embedded with clickable links to each filing event and each payment portal to make maintaining compliance simpler than ever. 

Automated Processes (and Help When You Need It)

One of the most important features that sets Filejet apart from other solutions is automation. Filejet lets you focus on running your business instead of the mundane tasks like filing paperwork and paying annual fees. 

Filejet was created for businesses that manage businesses, with the goal of streamlining their processes. It is the ideal solution for managing business entities at scale. We call it full entity compliance automation

We handle all annual filings and fees automatically, and keep you updated by storing all documents directly in your account. You have complete transparency without the workload.

Plus? You never need to wait to get the help you need. With live support features, our entity management specialists can guide you through any roadblocks so you file on time, pay the appropriate fees, and remain in compliance.

The Last Entity Management Solution You’ll Ever Need

What is it that Filejet does that other entity management platforms don’t? There’s a long list of unique functions and features, but simply put:

Filejet was built by a team that understood the real-life, daily difficulties of entity management, and built a platform to handle it all for you from start to finish.

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