How Can You Protect Shareholder Data?

In the world of big data and advanced hacking, protecting your client’s data is more important than ever. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can mitigate your shareholders’ risks when it comes to their data by keeping it as protected as possible.

Proper Channels

When users are exchanging data however large, it is important to make sure every party is using the proper channels and there is accountability. Consolidating all data uploaded to one channel reduces the amount of monitoring you have to do on a regular basis. You can simply keep one channel locked up tight and secure. There is a downside, however, that if it is breached there are no other channels you can revert to.

Data Storage Duration

Another great measure you can put in place to keep your shareholder’s data safe is to have a shorter storage duration. Information should only be stored for the means of transactions or updating information and should not stick around any longer. This keeps the amount of time it is on your servers very short so the window for it to be compromised is very small.


When it comes to keeping data safe you can never have too much encryption or masking. A great practice to instill is to mask your data when both at rest and when it is being transferred. This can be layered on top of the encryption of the server itself to ensure incredible security. For more information and further advice, contact us  
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