How to Bring More Transparency and Trust to Your Law Firm

It is a pity that law firms are viewed with a bit of suspicion. People looking for legal counsel need to feel that you have their best interests at heart. This will require you to nurture your clients’ trust and bring some transparency to your law firm. Here are some practical and effective tips:

Act on Clients’ Feedback

Clients have genuine ideas about how you can improve your services. It may not be practical to act on every piece of feedback, but it is prudent to consider actionable advice. As such, encourage your clients to provide feedback and follow up on it. It would also be prudent to announce any changes you make.

Provide Detailed Billing

Legal counsel is genuinely costly, but most people assume that law firms intentionally inflate the price. This assumption is inspired by, among other things, vague billing and hidden information. To ensure your clients don’t feel like they have been ripped off, provide detailed billing receipts for every transaction.

Make Your Policies Clear

The typical law firm has a terms-and-policies catalog measuring dozens of pages. Most law firms do this to hide detailed information that they can fall back on if they mess things up or need to take advantage of clients. Clients are wising up to this and need to know exactly what they are getting into. As such, revise your terms and policies and spell them out as clearly as possible.

Try Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been hailed for its next-generation security protocols. A lesser-known fact is that it is also ideal for facilitating transparency. Anyone with authorization can get access to data, and no one can change the data once it has been registered. The technology is so promising that it has significantly contributed to the cryptocurrency industry.

Bottom Line: Be Honest

People learn who to trust and who to be suspicious of through every interaction. As such, it’s vital to establish a culture of honesty and transparency within the firm, through your business practices and beyond. FileJet empowers law firms to maintain transparency with their clients, with software solutions that help you keep everything accurate and clear. Contact us for more information about our services.
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