How to Ensure Legal Document Security

By nature of their job, law firms possess and manage big volumes of confidential data that must be protected. Data breaches are quite common, and in many cases, have devastating effects.

For instance, research conducted by TechRadar showed that two-thirds of law firms were victims of a data breach between 2016 and 2017. This demonstrates that data compromise is common, which underscores the importance of safeguarding legal documents.

Here we look at three ways law firms can ensure the security of legal documents.

Control access

Access to sensitive documents by unauthorized personnel is one of the leading causes of data breach. To prevent these security concerns, law firms should store sensitive materials in secure locations.

Digital information should be protected using encryptions, passwords, and firewalls. Equally important, passwords should be changed regularly to minimize access. Hard copies should also be secured properly and only allowed individuals should have access to them.

Be careful with mobility

Devices used to access legal documents can be stolen, which can result in information being compromised. To ensure security here, consider using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which is a safer way to access data using laptops. Equally imperative is to avoid downloading sensitive material onto flash drives since they can easily be stolen. When transferring your clients’ data to a second party, use encrypted sites that cannot be hacked.

Be vigilant

Law firms ought to adopt sophisticated means of safeguarding clients’ data. Most security issues arise from employing vulnerable methods of storing information, such as unsecured websites. Having secure and robust cybersecurity instruments can go a long way in ensuring data safety.

It is also important to take precautionary measures, such as educating employees on how to protect confidential information. This is especially because they are better placed to observe security measures put in place if they are familiar with them.

Taking an active role in protecting confidential information is the only way you can prevent legal documents from being compromised. By implementing the ideas mentioned here, you will be guaranteed to keep your confidential data safe.

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