The Painless Process of Moving Entity Management to Filejet

Onboard the Way You Want

No two companies work in the same way, and at Filejet, we understand the need to onboard onto our entity management platform in a way that makes sense for your operations. For this reason, we offer two distinct ways to go through the onboarding process:

  • Managed Onboarding: Our most popular option has always been for new Filejet clients to send us a list of their entities, and our team creates your account and hands over the keys so you can customize folders for organizing docs, integrate your calendar to stay on top of upcoming filing reminders, and invite other team members and company stakeholders in to provide better transparency and collaboration.
  • Self Onboarding: For more independent teams hoping to onboard on their own timeline, we have added a self-onboarding option. This option walks you through the process of setting up your own entity management solution, while still giving you access to our support team in the event you encounter questions or need any guidance. Once set up, you get access to all of Filejet’s features and functionalities to maintain compliance, pay fees, and manage your entities with complete visibility. 


With two onboarding options, our partners have access to all the tools they need to:

  • Add and manage existing entities
  • Form new entities
  • Manage compliance across all jurisdictions in all 50 states
  • Complete annual filings
  • Collaborate and organize entities, store documents, and share information with colleagues


Upload Entities within Minutes

Uploading existing entities and creating new ones is simple with Filejet. In less time than it takes to pick the next movie to watch on Netflix, you can upload all of the entities you manage and be using Filejet. 

Once new entities are formed on Filejet or existing entities are added, Filejet takes care of the rest. Filejet automatically notifies you when you have maintenance and compliance tasks due, syncing up with your calendar. 

After the Setup Process

Once your quick setup is complete, you’re ready to go! Notifications are automatically set up and delivered to your existing Gmail or Outlook calendar, which include one-step clickable links sent with every filing event. With these automatic notifications, Filejet effortlessly eliminates all the manual entity filing processes, connecting you to every secretary of state’s portal so you can form, file, and pay from a single platform- within minutes. 

And that’s it! Filejet will automate all of your annual files and fees, keeping you updated by storing documents directly in your account, organized by each entity. You end up with complete transparency of the entire process and none of the workload—all after an unbelievably painless setup process.

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