Spending Too Much Time on Entity Management?

Running a business, private equity firm, or real estate company, or working as a venture capitalist takes a great deal of time and effort; it’s a true commitment. How much unnecessary time are you spending on entity management? So many businesses lack automation and a central location to manage their entities, which takes away too much time that could be better spent elsewhere.  

An entity management solution like Filejet can help free up more time in your schedule, keep you organized, and allow you to grow your business and manage entities at scale.

The Crux of Time Management

An effective business is all about smart time management. It’s easy to get caught up in small tasks each day and lose sight of the bigger picture or lose valuable time that could be spent on more important tasks. 

Harvard Business Review recently released an article sharing important discoveries and ideas about time management. Time management has to be more than just life hacks; it has to be an entire approach to portioning out your time and deciding where and how it can be best spent.

Time management refers specifically to a person’s decision-making process; how a person structures, protects, and adjusts their time to changing environmental conditions. All too often in the life of a business owner, “time management” just means more time working on the menial tasks that need to get done, and less time spent actually running your business.  Or more importantly, less time spent with the people you love.

Harvard Business Review suggests treating your time like money; it’s valuable and shouldn’t be spent on every single menial task. According to the publication, one of the most essential things you can do is to prioritize your activities and obligations and seek to reduce time-wasters

One major time-waster? Entity compliance filing

Filejet can play a factor in creating more streamlined workflows that result in better time management. Many businesses don’t have a central location to manage entities, stay updated on due dates, keep documents organized, and directly file in each jurisdiction.

This wastes valuable time and energy, jumping between portals, navigating separate folders, and managing multiple spreadsheets. Some who manage entities may even lack awareness of which spreadsheets are up to date and which are outdated. 

More time spent juggling multiple platforms, folders, and spreadsheets makes your company less profitable. It’s a waste of time. Your time is valuable and it can be spent more efficiently—using a solution like Filejet.

Filejet for Better Time Management (And Hopefully More Free Time!)

Filejet not only helps you manage entities at scale, but automates the entire entity lifecycle process. Filejet also allows you to customize your documents and how it’s organized so you never waste time hunting for them. You can even use Filejet to collaborate by inviting clients, colleagues, CPAs, and anyone else who might need access to your data to update entity profiles, make adjustments, and more.

We created Filejet because it was the solution we wanted to use ourselves; an automated, intuitive platform that made sense for businesses managing businesses and streamlined the entity management workflow.

Filejet is designed to eliminate the countless hours spent on entity management every year . Stop wasting time searching for documents, sifting through files, and logging into multiple platforms. It’s time to focus on other business matters.

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