What is Secure File Sharing?

Secure file sharing is a safe and protected method of transferring documents between your organization and your clients. It uses encryption and restricted authorization providing your business with a safe and convenient way while sending documents.

If you run a law firm or accounting practice, you probably understand the risks involved when sharing highly sensitive information with your clients. It would be best if you were assured that when you hit that send button, your documents are safe, secure, and protected.

Here are some of the reasons and associated benefits of securing your sensitive information.

  1. Higher Client Acquisition Rate

Many individuals and clients are increasingly becoming concerned with the privacy of their personal information. When a potential client sees how seriously you take their data from the beginning, the amount of confidence in the firm increases tremendously.

Putting into consideration that many firms are still using conventional methods of sharing information, using secure file sharing will be a great way to differentiate from your competitors. The added advantage of enhanced security gives you and your clients peace of mind that their data is handled with care.

  1. Prevent Tragedies

The implications associated with confidential file leakage are massive. Such an event is dramatically life-changing and has a negative toll on your organization. You lose your current clients, suffer a bleak organization reputation, and can give your firm a reputation that could cripple your growth long-term.

You don’t have to worry about such a reputational loss with secure file transfer since you will maintain full control and visibility over who can access your documents. You have the ability to ensure that clients can only see what is needed, and revoke access in the event of a security threat.

  1. Peace of Mind

Nothing gives a sense of calmness quite like being assured of your business’ security, starting with data confidentiality. Using insecure, outdated, and non-compliant file transfer methods will always make you have uncontrolled fears about your documents.

However, reduced security vulnerabilities, you are assured of peace of mind and focus on concentration to enhance productivity at all times.

Threats like identity theft, confidential file leakage, and fraud should no longer plague your law or accounting firm. At Filejet, we provide a comprehensive approach that ensures privacy, compliance, security, and enforceability of all your documents. Feel free to contact us or schedule a demo for more information.

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