Why We Created Filejet Entity Management Software

Maintaining business entities—especially across multiple state lines—is no small feat. This isn’t a generalization; it’s something we learned after years of running an entity management firm.

What we discovered is this:

Entity management is a liability. Anything that is a liability for your business requires good process and a reliable way to ensure your liability is never exposed.

Without a whole lifecycle entity management solution to empower businesses and their filing needs, companies were wasting time and resources each month, manually managing this entire process. It wasn’t efficient, it wasn’t clear, and there was far too much room to inadvertently fall into noncompliance. With nearly 35% of entities out of compliance, on average, that’s a whole lot of risk on the table, and to no one’s benefit.

This is exactly why we created Filejet. Here’s what we’ve done as a result. 

Make Entity Management Easier

Creating new entities and managing them shouldn’t be a time-consuming, or expensive  process. When we created Filejet, the first thing we wanted to do was centralize a company’s entities. These entities existed in one place to help streamline the workflow and offer a single platform that could communicate with every state. 

Filejet serves as a complete, robust entity lifecycle management tool, where you can create, maintain, organize and track all your existing entities in one place, upload documents, view registration and licensing numbers, and more. 

We took all the things about entity management that were a struggle for businesses and built a tool to handle those things.

Keep Up with Compliance

We knew from firsthand experience that not having a tool like Filejet to do the hard work of managing entities made it too easy to miss a deadline or forget a payment. 

There are all kinds of harsh penalties if you fall out of compliance, and unfortunately, far too many companies slip out of compliance because it’s too hard to manage. 

Penalties for falling out of compliance can include:

  • Audits
  • Financial penalties
  • Suspension or termination of a business
  • Damaged brand reputation
  • And even imprisonment

What’s more, noncompliance can also lead to something referred to as “piercing the corporate veil.” This results in a situation in which a court would put aside a limited liability company status and hold a corporation shareholder or director personally liable for a corporation’s actions or debts. 

Filejet helps companies from falling out of compliance. We accomplish this through a Google or Outlook calendar integration so you can easily manage alerts. You can even track compliance due dates across multiple entities and jurisdictions.

Automate Your Processes

Filejet is engineered to serve the differing needs for all kinds of companies. Each plan comes with automated filing reminders, cloud storage for entity documents, and the ability to directly pay fees across jurisdictions throughout the country without any extra steps. 

Some filing tools put filing reminders in a calendar, but don’t take it any further; they don’t automate the actual filing process, they don’t store documents, and they don’t provide much more information besides one short line in your calendar. We built Filejet to do the rest of the work for you. You don’t even have to log into the platform to see all upcoming filing dates and events—it all automatically shows up in your calendar with clickable links for each action event.

Building the Solution We Wanted to See

The truth behind why we created Filejet? We wanted a tool we could use ourselves! After struggling through the filing process far too many times, we wanted to create the kind of platform that made sense in the real world; one that solved the problems we knew were out there.

Filejet gives users an automated, secure, organized platform for filing. It’s a solution that makes sense for businesses, attorneys, and CPAs looking to create and manage their business entity compliance with easy, transparent, accurate processes.

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