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Filejet’s entity management software organizes & files all of your entity reports: every year, in every jurisdiction – with total visibility.

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Automate everything: entity compliance, registered agent services, annual report and BOI filings, org charts, and DBA/fictitious name and business registration renewals, so you can focus on higher-value work.

Transforming Entity Management for Our Clients


Who We Serve

Legal Teams

Ensure compliance for all business entities and relieve legal of time-consuming entity-related tasks by utilizing entity management systems.

Finance Teams

Guarantee that entity compliance doesn't compromise your ability to operate legally and generate revenue by automating annual filings.

Managing Partners

Keep focused on your deal pipeline and ensure that entity compliance issues never slow you down with a controlled, shareable portal that streamlines portfolio management.

Secure Documents

Automated Workflows

Automate Filings, Save Time

File and organize your annual reports with Filejet’s automated entity management system, which helps reduce manual input and errors and frees up your valuable time for strategic decision-making.

Single System of Truth

Enhance Visibility, Maintain Control

Filejet's platform enables you to consolidate, track, manage and execute all entity compliance documentation from one location. Obtain real-time visibility into all legal entities in seconds and minimize risks associated with incomplete entity data.

Automate Filings

Entity Management Software Features

Streamline entity management with Filejet’s robust features, designed for optimal organization, compliance and efficiency in handling corporate matters.

Centralized Storage

Securely store all entity documents in one SOC 2-compliant portal.

Automated Filings

File and manage documents automatically, ensuring timely submissions.

Collaborative Portal

Facilitate teamwork with a shared workspace for document access and communication.

Calendar Integration

Sync with your calendar to keep track of important filing dates and meetings.

Quick Setup

Get started easily with a user-friendly setup process that takes minimal time.

Custom Reporting

Generate tailored reports to meet unique business needs and compliance requirements.

Billing and Invoicing

Invoices can be directly sent through your portal to specific entities for immediate payment processing.

Service & Support

Dedicated support and service teams are here to assist with any platform queries.

Entity Compliance Audit

Automatically audit entity compliance to prevent discrepancies and ensure adherence to regulations.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Filejet is quicker, easier and far more cost-effective than you think:

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Filejet Entity Management Software Testimonials

Entity Management Software Testimonials

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Still Have Questions?

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What Is Entity Management Software?

Entity management software automates the legal compliance, reporting and documentation needs of businesses across various jurisdictions. It manages registered agent services, annual filings, organizational charts, business registrations, and more.

Why Is Legal Entity Management Important?

Legal entity management is crucial for maintaining good standing with regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with local laws, and avoiding penalties. It eases the administrative burden on companies, ensuring they meet their legal obligations efficiently.

How Does Filejet Simplify Entity Management?

Filejet simplifies entity management by providing a cloud-based platform that automates report filings, business registration management, and compliance activities across all jurisdictions, offering visibility into and control over the entire process.

Can I Manage Multiple Entities Across Different Jurisdictions With Filejet?

Yes, Filejet is designed to manage multiple entities across various jurisdictions. It organizes and files all necessary entity reports annually in every jurisdiction, ensuring compliance and streamlining the management process.

What Role Does a Digital Registered Agent Play in Entity Management?

A digital registered agent acts as the legal point of contact, receiving and handling all legal and tax documents on behalf of the business. This ensures that the entity remains in compliance with state requirements and deadlines.