Entity Compliance Management Software that Works for You

Optimize compliance across all entities and never miss a filing date again with our purpose-built compliance management software solutions.

Filejet Entity Management Software

Facilitate Entity Compliance in Less Time

Automate annual report filings and ensure entity compliance with Filejet, the only entity compliance management solution built specifically for mid-market companies.

Automated Workflows

File Reports, Faster

Automate state and federal annual report filings for existing entities, and create new entities using Filejet’s entity compliance management software. Never miss a deadline and ensure entity compliance on time, every time – across all 50 states, and with international capabilities.

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Single System of Truth

Secure Entity Data

Organize, store and track entity documentation with Filejet’s SOC-certified legal compliance management software. Create a robust, cloud-based record system that combines SSO with access control for all users – ensuring entity compliance, streamlined access to data, and total visibility.

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Filejet Registered Agent

Custom Billing Groups

Streamline Payments

Automatically direct invoices to specific entities with pre-approved payment methods using Filejet’s entity compliance management tool. Reconcile accounts faster and more accurately with less time and effort.  

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Organization Chart Generator

Scale with Ease

Easily create custom organization charts using our compliance management solution based on any entity in your portal and filter by parameters, such as state filings, associated DBAs, officers, and more.

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Org Chart Desktop

Entity Compliance Management Software Features

Filejet’s entity compliance management software helps you take control of legal entity compliance in days and eliminates annual report filings from your to-do list so you can focus on other corporate obligations.

Centralized Storage

Secure and organize all entity documentation in a centralized, SOC compliant portal.

Automated Filings

Automated filing workflows submit your annual reports for you - on time, every time.

Collaborative Portal

Set custom permissions for stakeholders who need access to entity specific information.

Calendar Integration

Never miss a filing date - get complete visibility from the calendar you use every day.

Billing and Invoicing

Invoices can be routed through your portal to specific entities for direct payment.

Quick Setup

Automate filings right away with bulk uploads and fast implementation.

Service & Support

Offload entity compliance management to us - we're here to help.

Custom Reporting

Monitor and report on the entity data and filings that matter to you.

Entity Compliance Audit

Ensure all entities are compliant, and if you aren't, we'll help you get back on track.

Advantages of Entity Compliance Management Software

Discover how our entity compliance management software transforms your legal and financial operations. 

Streamline entity management for enhanced operational efficiency.

Automate filings, ensuring timely submissions and compliance.

Reduce errors with automated verification and updates.

Get real-time notifications for crucial compliance events.

Simplify access to records through centralized storage solutions.

Ensure seamless communication between entity stakeholders.

New Release: Filejet 3.0

Want to learn more about the latest in entity management software?

Read the Filejet 3.0 Guide to learn about the latest in entity compliance management software – and see what sets Filejet apart from alternatives on the market.

More than Entity Compliance Management Software

Businesses across the United States trust Filejet to help them maintain entity compliance without having to do the work themselves.

Get a Quick ROI

Use our ROI calculator to determine how much you are losing due to an ineffective entity management process. It will show you how you can benefit with Filejet’s entity compliance management software.

Still Have Questions?

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Compliance management is the systematic process of ensuring that organizational activities adhere to established laws, regulations and standards. It involves monitoring and managing the compliance status of the organization to mitigate risk and avoid legal penalties.

Compliance Management Software is a tool that helps organizations manage their compliance activities efficiently. It automates the tracking of regulatory requirements, facilitates the completion of compliance-related tasks, and ensures timely reporting and documentation.

A Compliance Management System helps organizations reduce compliance risk and maintain a positive reputation. It ensures adherence to legal standards and helps avoid costly fines and legal challenges while building trust and reliability among stakeholders.

Setting up a compliance management system involves defining the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your organization, developing policies and procedures to meet these requirements, implementing training programs, and establishing monitoring and reporting mechanisms to ensure continuous compliance.

Yes, Filejet offers real-time updates on compliance status. It continuously monitors and reports any changes or requirements, ensuring that businesses remain informed and can quickly respond to any compliance issues that may arise.