Entity Management Software Updates: Foreign Entity Formation

Andy White
July 28, 2021

To keep you up-to-date on how we’re continuously improving Filejet, here’s a roundup of our newest features and improvements now readily available in your portal.

Newly Released

1. Foreign Entity Formation Filings for All 50 States

File foreign registration filings in all 50 states directly on the Filejet platform. You are now able to process, maintain compliance and store state documents for their foreign jurisdictions directly on Filejet. With a built-in maintenance reminder for when to file your Annual Report for each jurisdiction, you can now fully manage all of your domestic and foreign entities, in one place.

In a previous version, only California foreign registrations were available. 

To locate this new feature, when selecting “Create a New Entity” from the main Dashboard, you now will see “foreign” as an option in the dropdown menu.

2. Organizing Members, Managers, Directors, and Shareholders Just Got Easier

Previously, a Filejet user had to click on “Additional Tabs” in order to add shareholders, members, managers, and/or directors to any filing. Oftentimes the tab was missed and the members information was inputted incorrectly.

By moving this section under the “General Info” tab, additional members information can be added during the initial formation setup. General information like this is auto populated on all future filing documents as required. This update streamlines data entry and ensures better data integrity for future filings.

3. All 55 California Counties Now Offered Through Filejet

With so many counties in California to choose from, Filejet allows a user to easily file their fictitious business name within any county in California. Once the filing is completed with the selected county, Filejet automatically sets up a maintenance reminder for when it’s time to renew again, ensuring you always stay in compliance.

This feature is under “Additional Services and Filings” in your Filejet portal.

4. Customize Professional and Close Corp Entities

After forming a professional or close corp entity, Filejet allows you to easily customize the corporate kit by adding specific restrictions to their certificates. Under the professional or close corp entity, there will be a tab “Kits & Certificates” that allows you to add the restriction that applies.

As a trusted platform, Filejet covers the needs for every type of entity.

Here’s What We’re Working on for Our Next Update

  • Users will be able to create International Entity Profiles in Filejet

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