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Consolidate entity compliance with Filejet's trusted digital registered agent services, ensuring on-time filing year after year with complete transparency.

Filejet Entity Management Software

Get Total Transparency: Discover Filejet's Digital Registered Agent Service

No hidden fees, no hassles – Filejet’s digital registered agent services help you effortlessly consolidate, control and manage your corporate entities and legal requirements.

Instant SOP Notifications

Erase Communication Delays

Receive instant service of process (SOP) notifications to stay informed and respond swiftly, maintaining your legal and regulatory obligations.

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Real-Time Status Updates

Full Visibility Into Filing Activity

Maintain total visibility and control over all filing activity directly through a single registered agent service portal.  You’ll never have to worry about communication delays from multiple agents or question whether work has been completed. You’ll know exactly when state and federal filings are filed – on time, every time.

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Filejet Registered Agent

Comprehensive Entity Profile

Risk-Free Entity Management

Experience risk-free entity management with Filejet’s professional registered agent service, where your registered agent proactively protects your business against penalties and ensures adherence to all regulatory requirements without hassle.

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Email & Calendar Notifications

Never Miss an Alert

You’ll never miss an alert with Filejet’s vigilant digital national registered agent service combined with our purpose-built automated entity management platform that provides real-time notifications and updates to keep your business compliant and ahead of any filing deadlines.

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Calendar Notifications and Alerts

Premium Registered Agent Service Across all 50 States

Consolidate registered agent services across all 50 states – plus international capabilities –  with Filejet. We ensure compliance and timely filings, along with seamless legal document and SOP management, tailored to meet the specific regulatory requirements of each state for your business’s uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

Advantages of Filejet’s Registered Agent Services

Explore the top advantages of Filejet’s registered agent services, designed to simplify and secure your entity compliance needs.

Nationwide coverage ensures compliance in all 50 states.

Automated alerts keep you ahead of filing deadlines.

Instant access to legal documents and SOPs.

Streamlined entity management with cloud-based solutions.

Dedicated support team for immediate assistance.

Simplified annual report filings and renewals process.

Still Have Questions?

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A registered agent is a designated individual or entity responsible for receiving legal and tax documents on behalf of a corporation. This role is crucial for ensuring that the business complies with legal requirements and deadlines.

A registered agent receives SOPs, official government notifications, tax forms, and legal documents. They ensure these critical documents are handled promptly and forwarded to the appropriate individual within the company.

Yes, if you own a corporation, most states require that you appoint a registered agent. This agent acts as your official point of contact for legal and state correspondence, helping maintain your business’s good standing.

To appoint Filejet as your registered agent, sign up through our website, choose the appropriate service package, and provide your business details. Filejet will handle the rest, ensuring compliance and timely communication. You can book a demo to learn more about our solutions.

Without a registered agent, your business may face serious legal and compliance issues. You risk missing important legal notices, which can lead to penalties, loss of good standing, and even judicial default judgments against your business.

States require companies to have a registered agent to ensure a reliable way to contact businesses for legal and tax purposes. This requirement helps maintain transparency and accountability, ensuring that businesses can be reached promptly for legal actions or governmental communication.