Annual Report Services Made for the Mid-Market

Annual report services for seamless regulatory compliance management in every jurisdiction, every year.

Filejet Entity Management Software

Accurately File Your Annual Reports in Minutes

Organize, track and manage your annual filings with Filejet’s automated annual report filing service, designed to ensure total entity compliance, enhance visibility, and maintain control.

Consolidated Filing

One Portal, Every Jurisdiction

Filejet expedites annual report services across multiple jurisdictions by providing an automated, error-free process that guarantees entity compliance and reduces the administrative burden on your team.

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Compliance Calendar & Alerts

Quick Access to Everything

Filejet’s comprehensive annual report services will help you improve organizational efficiency and maintain compliance. Calendars and email alerts allow you to stay on top of upcoming requirements. Any necessary changes can be made instantly in the portal.

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Calendar Notifications and Alerts

Automatic Renewal System

On Time, Every Time

Filejet’s automated annual report filing services simplify entity compliance and will ensure your business licenses and DBAs/fictitious business names are registered and renewed on-time, minimizing compliance risks.

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Managed Services

Offload Annual Filings

Filejet’s managed annual report filing service lets you maintain total control of your company’s legal entity compliance without having to handle any of the work yourself. With our help, you can improve your compliance strategy and free up more time for higher-value tasks.

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Annual Report Services Across All 50 States

Filejet’s annual report service extends across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, allowing comprehensive compliance and streamlined management for businesses nationwide. Experience hassle-free filing, timely updates, and accurate submissions, all managed through our centralized platform,

Advantages of Filejet’s Annual Report Services

Here are six ways Filejet clients are benefiting from our annual report services.

 Automated filings ensure accuracy and save valuable time

Nation-wide reach ensures full compliance with state-specific requirements and regulations

 Centralized document management simplifies retrieval and oversight

Real-time updates keep you informed of filing statuses

Scalable solutions adapt to your business’s growing needs


Dedicated support provides assistance and peace of mind

Still Have Questions?

Contact us or read our FAQs to learn more about Filejet entity management software


An annual report is a comprehensive document that businesses file annually or biennially to secretaries of state to report their operational and financial activities. It typically includes details about the company’s assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and compliance status across jurisdictions. This report is crucial for maintaining corporate transparency and fulfilling regulatory requirements in the areas where the business operates.

Annual reports provide a formal overview of a company’s financial and operational status to regulatory bodies, shareholders, and other stakeholders. They ensure transparency, maintain compliance with legal requirements, help track the company’s annual performance, and support strategic planning and decision-making for the upcoming year.

Yes, most companies are required to file an annual report with their respective state or regulatory bodies. This requirement varies by jurisdiction and company type but is generally mandatory to maintain good standing, ensure compliance, and keep the public informed about the company’s financial health and corporate governance.

If your company does not file an annual report, it may face consequences such as penalties, fines, or loss of good standing with the state. This could lead to restrictions on doing business, inability to enter into legal contracts, and even administrative dissolution of the company.