Business License Management Made Easy

Streamline entity formation, compliance, and business licensing efficiently with Filejet's automated portal.

Filejet Entity Management Software

Streamline Business License Compliance with Confidence

Initiate entity formations, manage existing county and city business licenses, and ensure timely, automated renewals through an intuitive centralized platform built to save you time while enhancing visibility and control.

Business License Portal

Verify Data in Seconds

Easily access, reference and export all your licensing and entity data with Filejet’s user-friendly platform. Quickly verify data, make changes, view fees and submit filings – all from one portal. Eliminate wasted time tracking down renewals or entity updates.

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Entity Formations

Expedite Submissions

Access comprehensive entity formation and management services for a variety of entity types from the Filejet dashboard. Easily submit requirements, add additional services like a registered agent, DBA, or business license, and make payments for fees & services.

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Automated Renewals

Increase Organization, Maintain Control

Ensure business license compliance without the need for manual oversight. Through your comprehensive portal, we automate annual renewals – while giving you complete access and control over what is filed and when.

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Leave Business License Compliance to Us

Let Filejet handle the complexities of business license and entity management for you. Our experts ensure your company remains compliant, so you can focus on growing your business without distractions. With enhanced security like SSO logins, you’ll have complete control over data access.

Benefits of Filejet Business Licensing Services

Explore how Filejet’s business licensing services can transform your approach to compliance and streamline your administrative tasks.

Streamline license registrations, renewals and entity filings to save valuable time.

Ensure continuous compliance with evolving regulations across all jurisdictions.

Centralize document storage for easy access to all entity and license records.

Get real-time alerts to stay informed of critical compliance requirements


Access dedicated support from compliance experts for any issues that arise

Automate processes to eliminate errors and improve overall efficiency


Simplify account management with customizable billing and payment tools

Still Have Questions?

Contact us or read our FAQs to learn more about Filejet entity management software


Filejet’s comprehensive services cover a wide range of business license types across all industries and jurisdictions. We also provide full entity management for corporations, LLCs, partnerships and more.

Filejet’s advanced digital platform automates and streamlines the entire process. We handle data entry, form submissions, regulatory tracking and deadline management. Real-time updates and centralized document storage provide improved visibility and control compared to manual methods.

Yes, Filejet’s robust platform is built to manage compliance and licensing requirements across all 50 states. We stay current on the regulations impacting your business at the federal, state and local level. Our solution is ideal for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Filejet fully automates business license renewals and entity filings through our comprehensive compliance platform. We send proactive reminders of upcoming deadlines, submit forms and payments on your behalf, and provide real-time status tracking, taking the manual work off your plate.