Make BOI reporting as simple as possible.

Ensure compliance with FinCEN's new BOI reporting requirements.

Filejet provides a simplified beneficial ownership information reporting portal for mid-market companies, financial services organizations, and professional services firms.

Filejet Entity Management Software

Reduce time and effort spent on BOI reporting

For businesses and professional services firms, Filejet’s comprehensive entity management system includes a dedicated beneficial ownership reporting portal that simplifies compliance with FinCEN’s new beneficial ownership information requirements.

Dedicated FinCEN Reporting Portal

Greater Insights, Less Work

The Filejet portal simplifies FinCEN BOI reporting requirements. Using our system, you can create entities, file BOIs, customize user views, and manage data securely.

Ensure compliance with the new BOI reporting rules, and improve operational efficiency with centralized beneficial ownership information reporting.

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Segmented Entity Groups

Right Access, Every time

Unique views and entity groups make it simple to assign responsibility to specific entities or client stakeholders while ensuring privacy between parties.

Custom billing and invoicing options facilitate simple account reconciliation and enhance efficiency and compliance with beneficial ownership information reporting requirements.

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Single System of Truth

Organization Made Easy

Take advantage of a single system of truth for beneficial ownership information reporting with a centralized record system.

Manage accountability, streamline compliance, and ensure BOI data security with Filejet – save time, improve control, and support efficient reporting with FinCEN’s BOI requirements.

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Form & File

Expedite Formations

Quickly form and update entities. Comply with the Corporate Transparency Act and submit your BOI report right away – no need to wait until your 30 day reporting period ends.

In minutes, simplify and ensure compliance using one secure, easy-to-use portal.

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Filejet Delivers BOI Compliance Solutions

Filejet’s comprehensive platform ensures full compliance with BOI reporting requirements, making it easy for businesses and professional services firms to meet FinCEN regulations with accuracy and efficiency.

FinCEN Compliance Simplified

User-friendly interface for managing Beneficial Ownership Information reporting and ensuring accurate, timely filings

Multi-Industry Portal

Efficient BOI reporting portal for mid-market companies, capital markets, and legal services firms

Centralized Record Keeping

Enhances entity data organization, control, and compliance with Beneficial Ownership Information reporting requirements

Role-Specific Access

Customizable views allow for entity based access control, assigning specific entities to designated users

Single System for Clients

Professional services firms can manage all clients through a single system and invite clients to a customized portal view to handle BOI reporting

Workload Reduction for Teams

Distribute BOI reporting responsibilities across teams and clients, reducing workload for individual members, increase control, and save time

Streamlined Entity Formation

Combine entity formation with BOI reporting, create new entities and file required reports in one seamless process

Entity-Specific Billing Options

Custom billing, invoicing, and payment options for individual entities or groups, assisting finance teams in expense forecasting and account reconciliation

Immediate Compliance

Ensures new entities formed after January 1, 2024, comply with the Corporate Transparency Act by filing BOI reports within 30 days

Advantages of Filejet’s BOI Reporting

Ensure accurate and timely BOI reporting for all entities, meeting compliance requirements without fail.

Customizable user views allow specific entities to be assigned to designated users, ensuring secure and precise data management.

Centralize all Beneficial Ownership Information, maintaining a single system of record for enhanced data organization.

Entity group views give key stakeholders tailored access to relevant information.

Combines entity formation with BOI reporting to streamline the process within one comprehensive platform

Custom billing options for individual entities simplify financial tasks like expense forecasting and account reconciliation.

Professional services firms can easily manage client BOI reporting through Filejet’s dedicated and secure client portal.

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BOI reports, or Beneficial Ownership Information reports, are detailed filings required by the Corporate Transparency Act. They disclose information about individuals who own or control a significant interest in a company. This information is crucial for enhancing corporate transparency, combating financial crimes like money laundering, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Companies must report beneficial ownership details to FinCEN, which uses this data to maintain a secure, centralized database accessible to authorized government agencies.

BOI Reports handle various types of data related to beneficial ownership, including names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers of individuals with significant ownership or control. It also includes details about the nature of their ownership or control, such as the percentage of ownership interest. This comprehensive data collection ensures that regulatory bodies have all the necessary information to track and monitor corporate ownership. This approach enhances transparency and prevents illicit activities.

To get started with BOI reporting, first determine if your entity is required to file under the Corporate Transparency Act. Gather all necessary beneficial ownership information, including personal and ownership details of significant stakeholders. Then, choose a platform like Filejet that simplifies the reporting process. Filejet offers a user-friendly interface for entering and managing BOI data, ensuring accurate and timely submission to FinCEN. Register, input your data, and follow the step-by-step guidance provided by Filejet to complete your filings.

Filejet simplifies FinCEN compliance by offering an intuitive portal designed specifically for BOI reporting. It combines entity formation and BOI report filing with annual report filing and registered agent services, allowing users to manage all entity compliance tasks in one place. Customizable user views and role-specific access control enhance data security and accuracy. The centralized record system ensures that all beneficial ownership information is organized and easily accessible, which helps reduce the risk of errors and missed deadlines. 

Filejet’s comprehensive solution streamlines the entire entity compliance process, saving businesses time and effort.

Yes, Filejet is versatile and can be used across various industries. It caters to mid-market companies, capital market firms, and professional services firms, including law and accounting firms. The platform’s customizable features and user-friendly interface make it suitable for any business that is required to comply with BOI reporting requirements. Its ability to manage multiple entities and tailor access for different stakeholders ensures it meets the diverse needs of different industries.

Centralized record-keeping in Filejet offers numerous benefits, including enhanced data organization and accessibility. By maintaining a single system of record for all Beneficial Ownership Information, businesses can ensure accuracy and consistency in their reporting. This centralization reduces the risk of errors and duplications, making it easier to manage and retrieve data when needed. It also streamlines entity compliance efforts, as all necessary information is stored in one secure location.

Role-specific access control in Filejet allows businesses to assign specific entities or groups of entities to designated users. This means that different stakeholders can have tailored access to only the information relevant to their responsibilities. By providing this level of access control, Filejet enhances data security and ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals. This not only improves data management and accuracy but also helps distribute the workload the way it should be, reducing the burden on individual teams.

Under the Corporate Transparency Act, entities formed after January 1, 2024, must file BOI reports within 30 days of their formation. Filejet helps businesses meet this deadline by integrating entity formation and BOI report filing into a single platform. This process ensures that all necessary information is gathered and submitted on time, reducing the risk of non-compliance. By using Filejet, businesses can stay on top of their reporting obligations, avoiding penalties and ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements.