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If you’re thinking about entity compliance, you need a better solution.

Far beyond a registered agent and traditional “filing services”, Filejet legal entity management software with managed service option streamlines and automates all entity compliance.

The Filejet entity management experts will organize, update and file all of your entity reports: every year, in every jurisdiction – throughout the US and also internationally – with total visibility into compliance status and all related costs for you. Filings include annual reports, DBA/fictitious names, and business license renewals. Filejet can also custom route specialty Service of Process for summonses and garnishments. All related documents are stored and accessible anytime in the Filejet cloud.

As a result, Filejet helps in-house counsels, asset managers, PE/VC/family offices, investment companies, REITs, business owners, and CFOs forget about entity compliance.

Filejet Origin Story

CEO and founder Andy White built Filejet out of the 35-year-old corporate supply and registered agent service, Allen Corporation Supply, that he acquired in 2015. While the Los Angeles-based Allen Corp. had decades of expertise providing business supplies with corporate kits, seals and other physical tools used to establish a business identity, the process mirrored forming a new legal entity.

White quickly recognized the opportunity to expand on corporate identity projects to legal entity formations. He took this further by observing the technology gap and the way that millions of corporate filings were being managed on paper and spreadsheets across an industry of registered agents and legacy corporate entity providers. It was a process that lacked transparency, efficiency and organization and left many corporate legal departments in a constant state of uncertainty around the status of their entities.

Because every state has different entity management requirements, processes and fees, White had the Filejet platform developed to automate entity maintenance in every U.S. state.

A pivotal addition is the maintenance service performed by the Filejet team to help clients with their workload. This preserves the Allen Corp. tradition of high-quality and responsive customer service to the Filejet experience.

About Legal Entity Management Software

Filejet operationalized entity management and it was beta tested with law firms, accounting firms, and businesses and now focuses on internal legal and compliance teams whose input was central to Filejet’s design and functionality.

Today, general counsels and their in-house teams along with asset managers and business owners rely on Filejet to simplify entity management and compliance and serve as a single source of truth for their entities – leaving them free to focus on solving problems and working on higher-level projects.

What had been a huge pain is now a no-brainer. Even when using a registered agent, 44% of new Filejet customers have business entities they don’t even know about and 66% are out of compliance for at least one entity. Traditional registered agent companies mean well but rely on manual processes and lack a holistic platform resulting in confusion, poor collaboration, errors, non-compliance, and unnecessary costs.

Filejet is an organized, transparent and automated process that is cost-effective. In fact, its cost-prohibited not to use Filejet… plus, compliance peace-of-mind is invaluable!

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