Reclaim Your Time with Legal Entity Governance Software for Compliance Management

Filejet combines the power of automated workflows with an unmatched-level of service to ensure all of your annual filings are submitted on-time, every time.

Maintain Compliance in Less Time

Simplified Legal Entity Governance

Legal teams use Filejet to streamline legal entity management and reduce risk. By automating workflows, you can ensure legal entity governance and compliance faster, freeing up time for more critical tasks. 

Reducing manual filing cuts labor costs and increases efficiency across all legal entities. It also eliminates missed deadlines, compliance errors, and other issues that can lead to legal liability.

We provide in-house counsel with a single source of truth for all entity data, enabling multiple users to access the same, accurate information from anywhere. Legal professionals can work faster, smarter, and more securely with Filejet.

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Legal Teams use Filejet for: 

  • Annual Report Filings
  • Digital Registered Agent
  • DBA Registration & Renewal
  • Business License Management
  • Corporate Transparency Act
  • Entity Formations
  • Filing Fee Payments
  • Collaborative Document Repository
  • Organization Chart
  • Custom Roles & Permissions

Accurate, Automated Workflows

Increase Efficiency & Visibility

Take advantage of accurate, automated workflows to ensure all report filings, business licenses, and subsidiaries maintain compliance without requiring manual work or chasing registered agents. To expedite accounting procedures, route payments and fees directly to each entity.

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Custom Reporting & Alerts

Get Ahead of Compliance Risks

Never miss a filing or renewal date again and always know what’s ahead with calendar reminders. By eliminating surprises, legal teams spend less time cleaning up compliance issues and make better, more predictable decisions. Reporting dashboards let you see all filing statuses and keep all of your corporate entity profiles in one place.

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Calendar Notifications and Alerts

Annual Report Filing

Get Ahead of Compliance Risks

Automate compliance and never miss a renewal deadline with Filejet. Our system offers proactive alerts and custom reporting so that all your entity filings are accurate and on time, every time. This helps you simplify management and avoid compliance risks.

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Organization Chart

Enhance Business Insights

Visualize your corporate structure with Filejet’s custom organization charts. Gain deeper insights into business relationships and improve decision-making processes. Our intuitive charts help streamline management and enhance strategic planning across all your entities.

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Org Chart Desktop

Legal Entity Governance Software Features

Filejet helps you take control of legal entity compliance in days and eliminates annual report filings from your to-do list so you can focus on other corporate obligations.

Centralized Storage

Secure and organize all entity documentation in a centralized, SOC 2 compliant portal.

Automated Filings

Automated filing workflows submit your annual reports for you - on time, every time.

Collaborative Portal

Set custom permissions for stakeholders who need access to entity specific information.

Calendar Integration

Never miss a filing date - get complete visibility from the calendar you use every day.

Billing and Invoicing

Invoices can be routed through your portal to specific entities for direct payment.

Quick Setup

Automate filings right away with bulk uploads and fast implementation.

Service & Support

Offload entity compliance management to us - we're here to help.

Custom Reporting

Monitor and report on the entity data and filings that matter to you.

Entity Compliance Audit

Ensure all entities are compliant, and if you aren't, we'll help you get back on track.

How We Help With Legal Entity Governance & Compliance

At Filejet, we streamline legal entity governance and compliance by turning complex manual operations into automated processes. 

Our legal entity management software supports in-house counsel by managing the creation of new entities, tracking asset transfers, and ensuring accurate and timely filing of critical documents like articles of incorporation, operating agreements, and annual reports. 

By automating these tasks, Filejet reduces the risks of compliance issues and missed deadlines, thus mitigating potential penalties and legal liabilities. Our platform ensures that all entity records are maintained accurately and communication with partners is seamless. 

Embrace proactive legal entity governance with Filejet to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and manage legal entities more effectively and in less time.

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66% of our clients were out of compliance before using Filejet. We helped them get back on track, and they didn’t have to do any of the work themselves to make it happen. We can help you, too.


Legal entity governance involves the systematic management and oversight of a corporation’s legal structure and compliance. It includes the creation, administration, and monitoring of legal entities to ensure they meet statutory obligations and company policies. Effective legal entity governance is crucial for managing risk and maintaining corporate integrity.

Legal entity governance is vital as it ensures a company adheres to local and international laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks. It helps organizations avoid penalties, manage tax liabilities, and uphold their corporate reputation by ensuring transparency and accountability in all legal and financial dealings.

The entity management process is a systematic approach to handling every aspect of a corporation’s legal entities. This includes registering new entities, managing changes in business structure, maintaining records, and ensuring all entities comply with ongoing legal and regulatory requirements.

A robust legal entity governance and compliance strategy includes accurate record-keeping, regular compliance checks, and effective communication channels among stakeholders. It also involves the strategic integration of technology to automate and streamline entity management processes, ensuring all entities operate within legal frameworks.

Corporate transparency is integral to legal entity governance as it ensures all actions and financial transactions are visible and traceable. Transparency aids in compliance with regulations like the Corporate Transparency Act reduces corruption, and builds trust with stakeholders by making information about legal entities readily accessible and understandable.