Modernizing Legal Entity Management: A Guide for In-House Counsel


Whether you are expanding geographically, acquiring new business or divesting assets, or simply hoping to mitigate risk in the face of increased regulatory scrutiny, it’s time to consider modernizing your entity management process.

By reading this guide you will learn about:
  • The state of legal entity management
  • Maintaining a functional relationship with your registered agent
  • Establishing a single source of truth for legal entity data
  • Analyzing entity management strengths and weaknesses
  • Transforming annual reporting for faster results


You’ll also receive a complimentary checklist to help you decide whether your organization is ready to adopt a modern process. 

Download the Guide

Filejet Modernizing Legal Entity Management Guide

The extent to which your organization’s entities are – or aren’t – well managed can have a significant impact on where your business operates.

Properly maintained entities mitigate compliance risks, help organizations navigate evolving tax legislation, and guard against business interruptions.

To keep your organization’s entities properly maintained, you need a modern, structured legal entity management program.

Read our guide to learn how to upgrade your organization’s approach to entity management – and why you should.