Entity Management for Investment & Capital Markets

Time is money. Filejet handles entity compliance for you – while giving you complete visibility – so you can focus on deals.

Simplifying Entity Management for Investment Companies

Automated Workflow

Focus on Clients & Deal Flow

Keep your focus where it belongs – on your next deal – while ensuring entity compliance with automated workflows for annual reports, business registrations, and DBAs.

Filejet helps eliminate confusion about what needs to be filed and when – and does all the work for you – while also routing invoices and payments accordingly. Giving you and your financial partners full visibility and control over the business data you need to move deals forward.

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Detailed Entity Status Visibility

Engage Financial Partners

Ensure buy-in from financial partners – and provide real-time visibility – by providing easy access to business ownership, license, registration, and annual filing records.

Filejet lets you share entity documents and invite partners to view and collaborate. Multiple deals, no problem – just share the information needed to make a deal happen.

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Secure Access from Anywhere

Know It's Handled

Manage legal entity documentation with a SOC 2 compliant, all-in-one file storage, filing, and reporting system. Avoid costly delays and unexpected surprises with real-time alerts & updates.

Maintain invoice and payments documentation securely with your Filejet account’s collaborative portal. If issues arise, your dedicated Filejet manager will get you back on track in record time.

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Case Study

Knox Capital

Filejet is the trusted entity management provider for numerous investment and capital firms. These include real estate private equity, foundational capital providers for large and middle markets and other capital partners.

Read our case study to learn how Filejet saved Knox Capital founder and partner Alex Gregor from “maintenance hell.”

“Filejet improved the stream of communication and provided Knox Capital with better transparency of its entity status at any given moment.” 

– Alex Gregor, Founder & Partner

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Why do Investment Firms Need Entity Management Software?

Your financial partners care about compliance – so you have to address it. Unfortunatley, entity management requires time away from deals and client relations. Let Filejet handle annual entity reports for you, so you can fous on what matters.

Filejet Entity Management Software