Entity Management Software Case Study: Knox Capital


The Client

Knox Capital is an out-of-the-box private equity firm that thinks beyond the constraints of traditional firms. Using carefully identified criteria, the firm seeks out companies with high potential and provides them with real resources and a support structure to foster lasting results. Knox Capital focuses on providing foundational capital and operational expertise to middle-market businesses.

The Problem

The Knox Capital team needed support in getting organized, as they struggled to maintain compliance for about 20 entities. And, truthfully, the firm had grown tired of their existing entity management partner that was not only uncommunicative, but also left tasks unfinished. Several of Knox Capital’s entities had to be canceled or dissolved due to inconsistent and poor management. 

As Alex Gregor, founder and partner of Knox Capital shared, the firm was in “maintenance hell.” Gregor and his team did not have the time to manage so many entities on their own or deal with the frustrations from their previous entity management partner. Their patience had worn thin, and they needed a better solution.

The Approach

Alex contacted Filejet, and from the start, he received personalized service. The onboarding process was simple, clear, and even enjoyable.

Filejet’s commitment to communication made all the difference. During onboarding, Alex always had a designated person to turn to for questions. After that, Alex consistently worked with the same representative, who became versed and attentive to his business’s needs. Better communication means better control.


Alex’s former service provider assigned him a different rep each year, leading to inconsistent communication and service, and data managed by too many hands.

Filejet made the switch easy. And if there’s any questions, Filejet’s customer support was readily available. 

To offer more transparency, and to keep Knox Capital compliant with each of their entities, Filejet removed inactive entities, and organized all active ones. Filejet also tracked down missing information and documents and added them to Knox Capital’s Filejet account.

Filejet improved the stream of communication and provided Knox Capital with better transparency of its entity status at any given moment.

The Results

To date, Knox Capital has a much more navigable solution for maintaining its entities. Knox Capital was able to share access to Filejet with its counsel, giving them full visibility of all entity documents in one convenient location. Alex Gregor and his colleagues also appreciate the ability to reach out to Filejet to ask questions and seek guidance whenever needed. They have a better solution, easier communication, and more time to nurture growth in their partners. 

Since working with Filejet, Alex has been confident that entities are being properly managed. With all the time he’s gotten back by no longer having to play the middleman, Alex has fast-tracked other priorities and projects at Knox Capital, improving its services and helping companies achieve long-term success.

Improved Customer Support

Billing & Costs Transparency

Better Document Management

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