Entity Management Software Case Study: Lounge Group


The Client

Lounge Group is a management company that provides service for bars, restaurants, and various real estate portfolios. This organization is the premier consulting firm for food and beverage businesses in Orange County and throughout southern California, helping nurture the restaurant and bar landscape for more than two decades. 

Lounge Group Consulting is the parent company of several popular restaurants and bars in Orange County, all of which have a legacy for great cocktails and menu offerings. To remain compliant with the State of California, Lounge Group is responsible for managing and filing all entities on time.

The Problem

With several entities in play, there were lots of filings to manage all at once, and Lounge Group Consulting’s previous filing system lacked organization. Before migrating to Filejet, Lounge Group would rely on tiny postcards sent by California’s Secretary of State to arrive in the mail, which were easy to miss. The late fees and penalties meant that Lounge Group was often paying ten times the cost of filing fees to make up for late filing, paying $250 per filing instead of $25. 

Once these cards did arrive, Lounge Group would email their previous filing company and save information in Dropbox. This system had no existing automation, nor any helpful tools to stay on top of filing deadlines—everything was manual which made it difficult to keep up. There was no set calendar with due dates, no reminders, and no intuitive support to keep Lounge Group Consulting and their bars and restaurants compliant in a timely, seamless, or efficient way.

The Approach

Lounge Group’s Chief Financial Officer came to Filejet looking for a more streamlined solution; one that wasn’t dependent on a postcard arriving in the mail and getting to the right person. 

Instead of storing entity documents and State annual Reports in various files, Filejet helped navigate all of these documents into a cloud-based platform that keeps everything neatly organized and easily accessible for all stakeholders.

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The Results

The Lounge Group team is no longer bound to postcards and disorganized files. Because of convenience and ease of use, they use Filejet after regular business hours to file their annual reports. Lounge Group is now able to take care of these tasks on time and stay in compliance-saving them hundreds of dollars.

To date, Lounge Group’s favorite feature is the calendar integration. With automatic alerts directly from their calendar, they never have to wonder when a due date is approaching. The team also loves using the real-time application feature and having the ability to type forms instead of manually filling them out by hand.

Plus, whenever there’s a question, Lounge Group has a dedicated point of contact from Filejet who’s well versed in their needs and business operations.

Automated Tasks & Due Dates

Simplified Entity Management

No More Penalty Fees

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