Entity Management Onboarding FAQ

Ready to Onboard: Implementation FAQ

How Long Will Implementation Take?

On average, depending on the number of entities, most clients onboard within a few days to a couple of weeks. It varies, but the process generally doesn’t take long at all.

Why Should I Trust Filejet?

We understand that choosing to transferring your entity information may seem like a heavy lift and the idea of automating the process may give you pause. But whatever your concerns, you can rest assured: Filejet was created to make it easy and provide peace of mind throughout the entire entity management lifecycle (including implementation). We have helped over 3,400+ clients escape the drudgery of disorganized, manual entity management. Take a look at our case studies and Capterra reviews to see for yourself.

How Will I Know the Work Is Getting Done?

We know the traditional entity management process can be opaque, especially when it’s outsourced to a third party. We also know how frustrating it is when you feel like you need to be on top of your provider. That’s exactly why we created Filejet. Our platform is intuitive, transparent, collaborative and your dashboard shows compliance status across all of your entities and is updated in real-time. You can access your information whenever you want from wherever you are. If you ever have questions, our team of experts is just an email or phone call away.

How Much Does Filejet Cost?

It depends on how many entities you have, what service options you need (entity filings, annual reports, DBA/fictitious names and business license renewals, register agent services) and which plan you select.

Can Filejet Save Me Money?

We have helped clients who were out of compliance save money within the first few days on our platform creating an immediate ROI!

Of the clients onboarded to Filejet, 66% were out of compliance and 44% discovered entities they weren’t aware of. The fines and backpay resulting from non-compliance can add up, and quickly, not to mention the liability. Once onboarded, you will never need to worry about racking up unnecessary fines and fees again.

Can You Help Me Determine Whether I Need to Create New Entities?

Yes, we can do the legwork for you. Send us any DBAs and alternative spellings and the principal address(es) associated with them. We will do a search based on the information and ask if any entities we find look familiar to you. From there, you can let us know whether you want to take action.

Do You Handle International Entities?

Yes, we handle every type of entity: county, city, state and international. We can help form and maintain compliance for entities outside of the U.S.

How does Onboarding Work?

Onboarding is a breeze. Based on your individual needs, you can choose to self-onboard:

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