Entity Management Automation Software

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Features & Benefits

Complete Entity Lifecycle Management

Finally, an entity management platform designed to manage business entities at scale.


Automated Filing Alerts

Filejet keeps track of all due dates and sends automated reminders to you and anyone else managing your entities, so you never miss a due date again.


Fully Managed Entity Lifecycle

Filejet’s Fully Automated plan allows you to offload entity management to our automated system and support team to keep all of your entities in good standing across the country.


Entity Formation

Form new entities of all types directly from the Filejet platform, including each jurisdiction across all 50 states, and pay all associated fees directly through our system.

Stay Organized

Manage Entities at Scale

Filejet organizes all of your entities and jurisdictions, and keeps track of due dates for compliance across each. Never miss a filing date again, and reduce the risk of fines or risky liability.


Invite Collaborators

Invite your clients, partners, collaborators, CPAs, attorneys and anyone else that may contribute to filling in data gaps, updating entity profiles or making adjustments to your entities.

find everything

Stay Organized

A single point of truth for all of your entity documentation, means a simplified management workflow and consistency that’s hard to replicate in other systems.

Simplifying Entity Management

Form, Maintain & Organize

Form New Entities

Form new entities through Filejet, or add entities you already manage to the platform to manage them with less effort moving forward.

Filejet allows you to choose from a menu of options as you form your new entity, and choose multiple jurisdictions to operate in, paying each fee to each state through the platform.

Maintain & Manage

Get automated alerts when filings are due, integrate your filing dates into your Google calendar for better planning and never let an entity fall out of compliance again.

Organize & Collaborate

Keep all of your entity filing documents organized in a single location, and share access and editing rights with clients, partners and other members of your team to collaborate on info gathering as needed. Replace a  multitude of hosting services and start managing entities from a single, unified location.

Interested in Onboarding with Filejet?

When you onboard with Filejet, your legal entity compliance will be streamlined and automated. Filejet either reminds you to renew your business licenses, DBAs/fictitious names, and files annual reports on time – or you can use Filejet to automatically file for you, every year in every jurisdiction.


Automate Everything

Filejet offers a fully managed entity maintenance plan that gives you access to our full platform, managed by the Filejet Entity Management Team. We handle all annual filings and fees automatically, and keep you updated by storing all documents directly in your account. You have complete transparency without the workload. Free up your time to focus on what’s important.

You Might Be Wondering ...

Here are some common questions we get about Filejet.

We have multiple pricing options depending on the level of usage starting at $25 per entity per year.  We have multiple package options to match every kind of platform user from “DIY’ers” who want to handle everything themselves and need platform keep them notified and organized all the way to “No-Touch” users who want the automated platform to handle everything and to only connect when needed.

Filejet uses Microsoft Azure Server Networks for its off-site cloud servers. Many of the world’s largest organizations use MS Azure because it is one of the most secure work environments.

There is no need to worry about making separate fees to the States. Filejet handles all the State fees for you.

Yes, it is as easy as drag and drop from your computer.  It is also not limited to just storing entity documents.   Add any documents you like.  We have many users who add things like copies of contracts, permits, reports, etc.

Yes. You can easily add them yourself anytime if you like or we can assist with a mass upload if there are many.

Want to see it in action?

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