Entity Management Software for In House Counsel

Legal entity management is the process of managing all aspects of a business entity including creating new entities, tracking asset transfers, filing documents such as articles of incorporation, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and annual reports. 

Manually managing complex entities opens corporations up to compliance issues, missed filing deadlines and fees. Fortunately, there is a more efficient way to manage entities.

Filejet’s legal entity management software automates many of the tasks associated with managing entities, including filing documents electronically, creating contracts, maintaining records, and communicating with clients. Now, in-house counsel can gain control of entity management, staying in compliance with regulations and mitigating risk. 

In-house teams that embrace proactive governance are able to maintain compliance and reduce risk. Filejet is empowering teams to effectively manage legal entities.


Why Do In-House Attorneys Need an Entity Management System?

One of the biggest challenges faced by in-house counsel is keeping track of client data across multiple platforms and systems. Managing and maintaining client information can be time consuming and expensive. 

Filejet is the  legal entity governance solution that in-house legal teams use to streamline entity management and reduce risk.

Our legal entity management software provides  in-house counsel with a single source of truth for all company data and enables multiple users to access the same information simultaneously. With the right tools, legal professionals can work faster, smarter, and safer.

How In-House Counsel Teams Use Filejet for Legal Entity Management

Filejet streamlines legal entity governance for legal professionals. From automated filing date alerts to collaborative tools for enhanced transparency, the software is designed to make corporate compliance headaches a thing of the past.

Our legal entity management software provides several benefits. Attorneys can use Filejet to:

Automate Corporate Entity Management

Managing corporate entities at scale just got easier. Attorneys can automate routine tasks to increase efficiency. To simplify entity governance, Filejet automates tasks including: 

  • Automatic handling of annual filings
  • Automatic payment of fees
  • Automatic updates on document storage and alerts
  • Automatic notifications on when compliance tasks are due
  • Automatic notifications for other maintenance events

Reducing the need for manual filing can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency across all legal entities. It also helps eliminate missed deadlines, compliance errors, and other issues that can lead to legal liability.

Increase Document Security

Ensuring the security of legal documents is essential to ensure client data is protected and maintained. At Filejet, we are dedicated to helping you process and maintain legal information to prevent security breaches. Filejet uses Microsoft Azure Server Networks for its off-site cloud servers, offering a secure work environment. 

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