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Anyone who works in staffing, HR or a for a professional employer organization (PEO) knows that managing business entity registrations and staying on top of legal compliance is uniquely complicated in their industry.

The registration work required to co-employ workers across the country can add up – and quickly. 

Being registered in each state where your co-employers operate, requires getting company information, business name, and tax data, to name a few, ready. And, since remote work has become commonplace, registrations can become… a bit of a nightmare. 

When all that information is tracked on a spreadsheet, things can easily spiral out of control – regardless of how organized you are – a spreadsheet doesn’t create processes for efficiency. When registered agents are added into the mix – a requirement in most states – compliance can get even more chaotic. 

Luckily, there is an easy way to rein in the chaos: entity management software with digital, next generation (and totally transparent) compliance and automation services. We do the heavy lifting for you plus you get a compliance program with our software by default!

Why Do You Need Entity Management Software?

Uncomplicate organization

Managing registration requirements for multiple employees working for multiple businesses in multiple states is a dynamic process. Even the world’s greatest and most organized spreadsheet can’t make creating, renewing and maintaining state filings and submitting reports friction-free.

Here’s the good news: friction-free compliance is Filejet’s raison d’être. Any information you need, from documents to deadlines, can be accessed on the platform in two clicks.

Know it’s handled

For PEOs, one of your responsibilities is to manage risk for your co-employers. That means maintaining compliance for your own organization isn’t just critical internally – it also proves your credibility and competency to your partners.

Unfortunately, that task can be challenging when you are working out of a spreadsheet and/or with an old-school registered agent.

Fortunately, Filejet exists. Our automated system takes the guesswork out of maintaining compliance. Filings, payments and more can be handled automatically so you never have to worry about missing a deadline or becoming delinquent ever again.

And, unlike the traditional registered agents, Filejet’s platform is completely transparent, so you can be 100% confident that your organization is compliant 100% of the time.

Expand with ease

If your portfolio of state registrations is already overflowing, adding new ones may seem daunting. If compliance struggles have become prohibitive to organizational growth, it’s time to ditch the spreadsheet and registered agent and try a different approach.  

Filejet is the new revolutionary compliance solution. Beyond making it easier to manage your existing registrations, Filejet makes adding new registrations of entities a breeze. Scaling with confidence has never been simpler.  

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Filejet is the leading entity management software provider with automation service for PEOs, staffing agencies, and HR firms/departments across the country.  

Read our case study to learn how Filejet allowed one PEO’s director of risk management to escape from the “stress of not knowing” the status of work done by his former registered agent.

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