Entity Management for the Healthcare Industry

Few in-house legal teams face as many different compliance-related responsibilities as those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. With the many demands related to keeping up with state and federal healthcare regulatory requirements, there is also the job of keeping legal entities in compliance.

Staying on top of the responsibilities associated with legal entities—like annual report filings, business license and DBA registrations and renewals—can be a tedious job of decentralized reminders and easy to overlook deadlines popping up in the background. But when it goes wrong – things can get complicated. That’s why so many healthcare general counsels turn to Filejet for automated legal entity management they don’t have to think about.

Why Do Healthcare Companies Need Entity Management Software?

Regulatory Compliance

If you work in the healthcare industry, you know how frequent (and stringent) regulatory audits are. You also know how critical it is to have documentation and data organized and accessible.

Legacy entity management providers often end up becoming a black hole for documents. Filejet is the antidote. Documents – kept secure in the cloud – are easy to access by any user invited to collaborate.

Financial Health

Failure to meet legal entity requirements can result in fines and expensive legal exposure.

Filejet’s automated system takes the guesswork out of maintaining compliance. Filings, payments and more can be handled automatically so your team never has to worry about missing a deadline.


Maintaining regulatory compliance is a component of an organization’s credibility.

With a centralized platform and at-a-glance visibility, automated entity management ensures that an organization’s credibility is not threatened by overlooked deadlines or information gaps.

The Filejet platform provides both transparency and automation, leaving you confident that your organization’s entity management is always accurate and up-to-date.

Risk Mitigation

Healthcare organizations spend billions of dollars each year on risk mitigation in efforts to reduce their liability and exposure. Yet, many do not put the same emphasis on entity compliance and management, which can be the weakest link in the compliance chain. Filejet’s Entity Management reduces unnecessary risks for healthcare companies who already have a large amount of exposure.

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Read our case study to learn how Filejet saved the former CLO of aptihealth from a lonely landscape of unreturned calls and unresponsive registered agents.   

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