Filejet Founder: Automatic Entity Management Solution Was Really Long Overdue

Andy White

Filejet founder and CEO Andy White’s knack for introducing transformative business solutions could be called “trailblazing.” But while he’s not immune to flattery, he is quick to point out that a fully automated system of entity management was a long overdue step for businesses whose general counsels had grown numb to the tedious prospect of death by spreadsheet.

Overdue or not however, it must be pointed out that it was Andy who, after purchasing the 35-year-old back-office document filing company Allen Corp. in 2015, realized he could disrupt the conventional and outmoded business of entity management with technology.

General counsel offices across the country closed down in celebration as entire teams of lawyers and paralegals headed out for rounds of drinks at lawyer watering holes. Okay, that’s probably not true. But we heard from so many of them that we began to refer to their gratitude as Motions for Relief: Granted.

Legal Departments & a Good Night’s Sleep for the Win

A natural innovator who kept his finger on the pulse of software solutions throughout his career, Andy’s efforts to revolutionize the entity management lifecycle had given general counsels everywhere one less thing to keep them up at night.

By 2019 Andy had launched the beta version of the groundbreaking yet dramatically overdue Filejet platform for automated entity management. Since then, Andy and his Filejet team have helped legions of both seasoned and rookie GCs revamp the entity management process from an inconvenient slog into an easy and automated win/win.

Andy has always had a talent for strategic problem solving as an investor and an advisor to technology start-ups, asset management companies, and clients that included New York Life, Deutsche Bank, Oculus/Facebook and Kobe Bryant.

A lifelong Southern Californian, Andy earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego’s Knauss School of Business.

When he is not working to save more lawyers and paralegals from the horrors of what one client called “entity management hell,” Andy can usually be found in Southern California trying to keep up with his active family or sneaking out to surf with friends.

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