Why Filejet Entity Management Software

Legal and financial entities on one platform are doable with the Filejet entity management system.

Managing legal or financial records, tracking filing deadlines, and ensuring compliance can be troublesome for an organization. But an entity management system (EMS) provides a centralized database to store and control all the essential documents on ownership, filings, mergers, and regulatory compliance.

Entity management systems differ from each other in terms of functionalities. That’s why choosing a dedicated entity management software matters. Filejet’s EMS simplifies entity management by matching the client’s actual needs. It automates workflow and can help mitigate your business’s compliance risks.


Holistic Entity Lifecycle Management

Outdated on-premise entity solutions were expensive, required exhaustive customization, and needed a physical server. Filejet EMS is cloud-based, accessible from any location, and requires no maintenance.

Top Automation Technology

Filejet removes manual data entry. No more back and forth with your current registered agent or legal entity management vendor to file requirements and handle each payment manually.

Automatic workflows add entity data and documents based on your filings which are stored on the cloud, and easily shared with key stakeholders and collaborators.

Compliance Assurance

Unknown compliance status is a thing of the past with Filejet. Manage legal entities with automated visibility of all governance and compliance activities from one centralized location.

Filejet will give you valuable insight into the status of your legal entities — you won’t have to worry about being out of compliance. With automated alerts whenever compliance needs renewal, or its deadline is near- Filejet has eyes on every entity management matter.

Automatic reminders with the integration of Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook make staying on top of deadlines hard to miss. The reminders come with links to each filing event and payment portal to ensure that you meet important due dates for proper compliance management.

Promote Internal Transparency

Authorized personnel can determine each entity’s status with secure collaboration across a team for a clearly visualized organizational structure.

Set role-based security for internal personnel with viewability on each entity based on their role. Organize and add documents into custom folders and share them with role-based access. Make it easier to dictate corporate governance responsibilities across corporate legal departments and beyond.

The system will automatically create an audit trail from information edits in an entity from users. Users can develop unanimous written consents for multiple companies, speeding up the resolution creation and signing process.

Simple Financial Services

No more ambiguity with billing transparency or questioning services and costs from multiple vendors. Filejet provides clear, detailed billing service, and product offerings with an annual subscription model. You’ll have to pay only once a year for an entity. Choose a payment plan that fits your organization’s needs and workflows. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page to learn more about Filejet services.

Work With Filejet for a Better Solution

Managing compliance across multiple jurisdictions is a challenge. That’s why the Filejet entity management system simplifies and automates compliance. Filejet promotes internal transparency with role-based access and can handle financial services. Don’t wait — manage your compliance and filing with the Filjet EMS solution by talking with an Entity Management Specialist.

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