Business License Renewal: Eliminate Disorganization & Process Headaches

Clearly, it’s vital to be recognized by your government as a business in order to do business. The last thing your company needs are headaches and complications surrounding your business license renewal process.

Most in-house legal teams are absolute champs who are proactive with business license renewal whenever possible. However, heavy workloads and organizational burdens can have even the most competent teams scrambling to meet deadlines.

“I was in maintenance hell.”

Business license renewals and other workload pain points are better managed with a quality entity management platform. Get assistance with your business license management process with the right platform.

Take Advantage of Technological Organization

Your existing organizational technology may be an amalgamation of platforms. This can create a Frankenstein process that slows you down and overcomplicates the process. This is a common problem for many organizations but is easily solved with the right technology. You can marry the services and processes of business license management with technology. A one-stop platform can help you manage your licenses and compliance documents with renewals. Technology should make it easy for your team to remember a business license renewal notice and avoid penalties. Authentic technology should offer service factions at every step, creating an ideal customer experience for your organization.

Tools That Help You Maintain Your Business License

License renewal is not an exciting part of your business. You’d rather focus on revenue-generating activities. We’d prefer that for you, too. Business entities need software that makes it easy to maintain and renew their business licenses. These tools from Filejet help you stay on top of it:
  • Add and Manage Entities: Whether you manage several entities or hundreds, Filejet keeps you on top of varying responsibilities. It notifies you of upcoming due dates and allows you to make your business license payment directly from the platform.
  • Multiple Jurisdictions: You can manage compliance for your business in multiple jurisdictions. Each state has different requirements, which are hard to track manually. A simple slip-up such as a forgotten money order or incorrect physical location could result in your loss of a new business license. Instead, Filejet keeps you prepared at all times.
  • Communication: A common problem in major organizations is communication. Licenses are lost because employees forget to remind one another, or their business activities communications are in separate systems. Filejet gives you and your employees a single source of information for business license management.
  • Tips and Updates: Filejet gives you tips on how to support more entities and how to better manage your existing ones. This means less time doing the manual work you used to do. It can even give you updates on legislation that affect your business license renewal, give tips on how to renew online, and compliance issues.

Optimize Existing Talent

Many companies feel the only way to handle the increased complexity of business license management is to hire more people. In fact, your current talent spends up to 30% of their time on entity management. While you may be tempted to hire more personnel to manage and organize your entity management, you don’t have to. Filejet allows users to optimize their existing talent instead. Our Cloudbase enhances:
  • Employee performance on business management tasks like business license renewals
  • Cross-departmental information sharing that also centralizes disparate information
  • The ability to log in with all entities from a single platform
Optimizing your current employees and staff is the best way to protect your bottom line. You don’t need to hire more staff, pay their salaries, pay benefits — the list goes on. Filejet software can greatly enhance your abilities and save you funds in the process. You can protect your compliance and your margins at the same time.

Prioritize Transparency

Many vendors and other companies used to assist in the business license renewal process are confusing and lack transparency. You’re not sure where your work is at or what’s being done, and you constantly have to follow up with the vendor. This isn’t what you’re looking for to help with business license renewal and compliance. Ensure your vendor platform lets you know where the ball is and what’s happening at all times. So you can know what’s being worked on all within a dashboard. A dashboard with your information makes it easy to see where things are in the process, so you avoid the time and effort of determining status or using spreadsheets to keep organized.  Transparency is crucial for your business. To sum up, a solid platform makes handling your business license maintenance simple and streamlined. In addition, it aids in securing sensitive information such as your bank account information or history of fees.

Effective Business License Management With Filejet

Keeping your business licensing current and compliant is essential for your business. Too many companies let technology limitations get in the way. With Filejet, you can maintain your business license renewals and other compliance matters with ease. Save time, personnel, and money by working with us. Filejet is a B2B SaaS platform your business can use to organize, digitize, and automate your entity maintenance and compliance. Contact us today to schedule a free demo.
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