How to Properly Submit a Business Entity Filing for 2020

Whether you are just establishing your business or running a business that has been around for generations, there are certain entity filings that must be made on the state and federal levels. The type of filings your business will need to make will depend on whether or not it is a new business and what […]

Why Delaware Appeals to Many Companies

With a population of fewer than 1-million, Delaware is a small state, but with outsized importance when it comes to corporations. To put this into perspective, 64% of fortune 500 companies in the country incorporated in Delaware. These companies include Coca-Cola, Google, and Walmart. But why is Delaware that important? Modern Corporation Statute There is […]

How to Stay in Compliance with Your Entities in 2020

After incorporating a business, brace yourself for a series of compliance requirements. Regulatory compliance entails a corporate entity observing or meeting select requirements and stipulations passed by local, state, and federal governments. The current regulatory and compliance landscape is now more intricate than ever. This is because local and state governments are expanding compliance requirements, […]