How In-House Counsels Can Better Handle Corporate Compliance & Risk Management

Risk management diagram

In-house legal counsel is expected to handle more today than ever before. Being at the forefront of technology has never been as vital for corporate attorneys as it is today. There’s always a new tool to utilize in the ever-changing fields of compliance and risk or a novel skill to learn. Many in-house counsels find […]

Modern Trends Happening in Corporate Compliance and Risk Management

Corporate compliance and risk management is a constantly changing field. Companies are forced to develop processes that can pivot on a moment’s notice or risk becoming non-compliant. The fees associated with non-compliance can be extreme, along with the damage to the company’s reputation.  While the last couple of years has produced unprecedented business disruptions, the […]

How to Optimize Your Entity Management Lifecycle with Filejet

Maintaining effective entity management can be extremely difficult, especially while scaling your business. Improper entity management can cause serious compliance risks that do irreparable harm to your corporation.  Your company can mitigate this risk and avoid harm to your business. You can prevent problems before they happen with key tools that keep you protected. Softwares […]

How to Streamline Your Business Entity Report Filing

Businesses must file entity reports with their Secretary of State department on a regular basis. The information required and the filing methods vary between states, but there are some commonalities in best practices for organizing and preparing a business entity report. The best way to simplify your business entity report filing is by adopting the […]