Three Ways to Maintain Client Privacy as a Property Management Company

Property managers have access to their residents’ private information, including addresses, social security numbers, and banking information. It is their responsibility to safeguard this information from prying eyes. So, how does a property manager go about doing this? Here are three tips to get you started: 1. Invest in Cyber Security Hackers are more sophisticated […]

Five Tips for Starting a Property Management Company

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Property management can be a very successful and rewarding career if done properly. Just like any other big decision you make in life, it’s best to do your research and form a plan before you take action. Otherwise, you might run into some unforeseen problems that could have been avoided. Before you can begin operating, […]

Two Ways Blockchain Can Help Your Property Management Clients


Soon, people will be buying parking spots, vacation rentals, and even dream homes on a blockchain. Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular among venture capitalists, sellers, and buyers. Through a blockchain, they can interact with each other and even scrutinize properties before making a purchase. Talk about increased transparency and greater trust – the prerequisites […]

Three Business Laws Property Management Companies Need to Know

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There can be certain times when laws seem a bit hazy. In order to ensure the safety of your company and the happiness of your tenants, make sure to be aware of these laws: The Landlord-Tenant Law For privacy reasons, landlords are not typically allowed inside a tenant’s home without due reason. There are specifications […]

File Security Tips for Your Property Management Company

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Property managers need to keep good records and maintain confidentiality. Improper disclosure of information about transactions or the condition of a property will only lead to trouble. Loss of files can seriously disrupt operations. A negligent management company may face lawsuits and customer distrust. Property managers often receive confidential financial and payment information. Handling maintenance […]