Why Blockchain Security Is Important for Accounting Firms

blockchain security

Blockchain is brimming with potential. From hedge funds to forecasting to supply chains, blockchain is making waves in dozens of varying industries, revolutionizing how information is stored and shared. The world of accounting is no exception. Blockchain presents the accounting industry with the technology to provide unprecedented levels of efficiency, clarity, and most importantly security. […]

Two Ways Blockchain Can Help Your Property Management Clients


Soon, people will be buying parking spots, vacation rentals, and even dream homes on a blockchain. Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular among venture capitalists, sellers, and buyers. Through a blockchain, they can interact with each other and even scrutinize properties before making a purchase. Talk about increased transparency and greater trust – the prerequisites […]

Why Should Your Private Equity Firm Use Blockchain?

blockchain private equity

Blockchain: you’ve probably heard this word plenty of times by now, but do you know what it means? Better yet, what it can do for your private equity firm? When most people think of blockchain they think of the Bitcoin, which is just a cryptocurrency. However, blockchain is actually the technology behind those cryptocurrencies. It’s […]

Three Ways Blockchain Technology Can Help your Accounting Firm

blockchain accounting

As blockchain technology continues to disrupt the financial industry, many accounting firms are gearing up for the changes that this technology is bringing about. As such, they are investing their resources to incorporate it into their business models in order to improve how they store, record, and share data. As a technology that’s based on […]

How Legal Firms Can Apply Blockchain

Blockchain technology is exciting because it can disrupt and transform entire industries – including the legal sector. The concept of blockchain is intriguing. It stores enormous amounts of data, and it secures that information within a transparent…