How You Can Protect Shareholder Data

protect shareholder data concept.

In the world of big data and advanced hacking, protecting your client’s data is more important than ever. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can mitigate your shareholders’ risks when it comes to their data by keeping it as protected as possible. Proper Channels When users are exchanging data however large, it […]

File Security Tips for Your Property Management Company

property management data security

Property managers need to keep good records and maintain confidentiality. Improper disclosure of information about transactions or the condition of a property will only lead to trouble. Loss of files can seriously disrupt operations. A negligent management company may face lawsuits and customer distrust. Property managers often receive confidential financial and payment information. Handling maintenance […]

Why Should Your Private Equity Firm Use Blockchain?

blockchain private equity

Blockchain: you’ve probably heard this word plenty of times by now, but do you know what it means? Better yet, what it can do for your private equity firm? When most people think of blockchain they think of the Bitcoin, which is just a cryptocurrency. However, blockchain is actually the technology behind those cryptocurrencies. It’s […]