Three Ways to Get Ahead of Entity Management as a New General Counsel

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You’ve recently become your organization’s new general counsel – congratulations! We know you have a lot on your plate. Chief among the list of responsibilities you’ve assumed is protecting the business from risk. Foundational to that is ensuring the business is compliant across all jurisdictions in which it operates. Despite the threats associated with noncompliance, […]

How Entity Management Automation Frees Corporate Counsel Time & Ensures Compliance

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Your corporate counsel is a valuable and highly compensated team that can easily get bogged down in the minutiae of annual business registration compliance. Filing state level annual reports, DBA renewals and license renewals for every legal entity in every jurisdiction is tedious and time-consuming work. Some corporate counsels turn to registered agents for help; […]

How to Maintain a Compliance Calendar Without Stress

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In a world where legislation is constantly changing and new regulations are being implemented, businesses must be up to date on their compliance obligations. Otherwise, businesses know they could find themselves in serious trouble. Compliance is a modern priority for all companies, and Filejet is a solution that manages the heavy workload while lifting stress. […]

Five Major Entity Compliance Mistakes to Easily Avoid

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As an in-house team knows, corporate compliance is one of the most important parts of the job. Noncompliance can result in audits, hefty fines, and sometimes even termination of your business. But it’s equally true that keeping a finger on the pulse of your corporate compliance at all times is a significant undertaking. There are […]