5 Ways Your Corporate Compliance Program is Falling Short

Corporate Compliance Checkbox

As you’re aware, a corporate compliance program’s success is intrinsically tied to the company’s success. An effective compliance program can save a company thousands in fees and hassle.  For example, Filejet client Duross O’Bryan of Arrimus Capital said: “What’s been most important for our team is the responsiveness to our questions. With as many entities […]

Should You Outsource Your Entity Management Needs?

Entity management is a big part of the job for any corporate legal department. The more documents your business builds up, the more complex and essential entity management becomes. That’s why proper entity management is so important.  It’s also why so many businesses feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to outsourcing. On one […]

What the Future of Entity Management Looks Like

As industries change, so does the need for high-quality entity management software. Stagnant entity management software from ten years ago will not cut it in today’s ever-changing global environment. Globalization and advancing technology drive high demand for real-time data and transparency. As a result, companies today need more support than ever before.  They also demand […]

September 2021: Product Update

product updates

Want to do it on your own time? We’ve released our self-onboarding experience. Move your entity management process to Filejet within 10 minutes or less.

Bringing Entity Maintenance into Your Daily Workflow with Calendar Integration

calendar integration

“If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist.” One of the most common phrases in business resonated so much with us, we did something about it. Here’s what you need to know about Filejet’s Google and Outlook calendar integrations.  Sync with Your Existing Google or Outlook Calendar Filejet syncs with your work calendar to […]

What Sets Filejet Apart

what sets filejet apart

Entity management and filing shouldn’t dominate your work life. With Filejet, you can maintain and organize your entities—all in one place.

Why We Created Filejet

why we created filejet

We created Filejet—using our decades of experience in entity management that would change the game when it came to filing and compliance.