Optimize Your Entity Management Lifecycle With Filejet

Maintaining effective entity management can be extremely difficult, especially while scaling your business. Improper entity management can cause serious compliance risks that do irreparable harm to your corporation. 

Your company can mitigate this risk and avoid harm to your business. You can prevent problems before they happen with key tools that keep you protected. Softwares exist that can secure your data, improve automation, and use automatic reminders and notifications to stay on top of your entity management.

This article will discuss the ways that Filejet can assist you in optimizing your entity management lifecycle. Let us help you stay compliant.

One-Stop-Shop for Entity Management

Maintaining your entity management system on multiple platforms is a major hassle. Not only this, but it also involves unnecessary risk in your entity management process.

Filejet can move all of your files and processes into a single platform. You can perform all your tasks in one place rather than storing files across multiple systems. You can:

  • Form new entities across all 50 states
  • Create automatic filing alerts
  • Invite collaborators
  • Manage entities at scale
  • Stay organized with a single point of truth
  • Pay State fees
  • Use a centralized document repository
  • Automated annual compliance reporting.

Our platform was built to serve businesses that create and manage multiple entities. We designed an automated and efficient way to help you with corporate entity management.

Data Privacy

Security and data privacy are huge issues in the modern era. In order to fully optimize your entity management software, you need to ensure that every stage of the cycle is protected from would-be attackers. Filejet secures your files and protects you from costly data breaches.

We use Microsoft Azure Server Networks for our off-site cloud servers, which is one of the most secure networks available. Cloud-based platforms such as Filejet let you access data and the platform from anywhere with internet access, providing you both convenience and security.

Many of the world’s largest organizations use Microsoft Azure because of its secure environment and history of success. Microsoft Azure is used to secure entity data from legal entity management software to corporate data and beyond. You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of corporate records or the weak points in your centralized database. We take your data privacy incredibly seriously and always want to use the best to protect your business.


You already have many in-house employees that spend hours on entity management. To fully optimize your management process, you need to hop on the newest trend — automation.

Automation is the key to entity management success. At Filejet, we specialize in automating your entity management process. You can avoid manual compliance tracking, which often seems like an impossible task. Your business has a mountain of compliance requirements you need to meet. Automation helps you get there quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Filejet offers automated features and essential tools to help you automate your entity management. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Automatic fee payments across multiple jurisdictions
  • Automatic document storage and alerts
  • Automatic notifications of important events and due dates
  • Automatic annual compliance filings
  • Automatic compliance maintenance notifications that help keep you up to date
  • Automatic customizable updates on corporate governance

Automation significantly reduces the time you spend on manual tasks. It helps avoid costly employee mistakes and even reduces the amount of staff you need to remain compliant. You can protect yourself from compliance risk and improve your bottom line at the same time.


There are many people involved in your entity management process. This includes people both within your corporation and outside of it. The best entity management software is shareable and secure so that all collaborators can access the same information in real-time.

The Filejet platform creates full transparency for all collaborators. All necessary parties get regular updates and notifications regarding the entity management lifecycle. You can also invite collaborators to:

  • Fill in data gaps
  • Update entity profiles and information
  • Make adjustments to entities
  • Access information from the centralized repository

When the entire team is looped in, you are more successful. You stay up-to-date on compliance needs and meet deadlines effectively.

Entity Management With Filejet

Filejet gives you a fully managed entity maintenance plan with access to the full platform. The Filejet Entity Management Team can handle this, or you can DIY it with access to the platform. We offer flexible options and pricing to help you manage your business how you like.

The system handles annual files and fees automatically while keeping you updated. You can collaborate effectively and use automated features to streamline your entity management lifecycle. Our B2B SaaS platform is the ultimate solution for entity management.You can maintain corporate compliance and transparency without the workload. Book a demo with one of our entity management specialists to get started.

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