Entity Management Automation & Key Services

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A message to all you fed-up GCs, paralegals, legal ops professionals, et al. struggling to keep your cool in the face of traditional entity management: help is available. You spend your week (long string of Mondays) running from one catastrophe to another. The last thing you need is a message from your entity management provider […]

Business License Renewal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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A business license renewal may seem like a daunting task, but it’s essential to running a business legally. A delay in renewing your permit can result in fines, legal troubles, or even the dissolution of your business. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to renew a business license to ensure your business keeps […]

Entity Management Software in 2023: The Year of Automation & Visibility

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Legal entity management software allows businesses to streamline and automate entity compliance with state and local government agencies for annual report filing, business license renewals, officer updates, and other compliance minutiae that bog down corporate counsels, finance and accounting departments, and business owners. Ineffective entity management software and registered agent services lead to inefficiency, non-compliance, […]

Why Use Filejet Entity Management Software

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As good as Filejet legal entity management software is, it’s not for everyone. And as tricky as entity management can be, you may have a paralegal who loves nothing more than digging into the details and doesn’t miss a thing. Do any of the following scenarios describe your organization? If so, we may not be […]

Automated Legal Entity Maintenance for Things that Keep You Up at Night

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The list of things that can keep an in-house lawyer up at night is a long one, populated by any number of potential liabilities and threats. What they typically have in common however, is the dread of a detail overlooked or an unrecognized vulnerability. As every good lawyer knows, it’s what you don’t know that […]

How Entity Management Software Streamlines Compliance Workflows

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In-house counsel in many organizations suffer from reporting inefficiencies, compliance management failures, and uncertainty over the status of new regulations. This all leads to the risk of losing organizational credibility, inefficient operations, and high data maintenance costs. Forrester Consulting research shows that one out of five compliance officers rely on data maintained in spreadsheets to […]

How to Reduce Legal Entity Management Costs

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In-house legal teams are often challenged by the daily grind – and that’s before having to deal with renewing business licenses, filing annual reports and making payments, and dealing with other entity management issues. Entity renewals can easily get lost in the shuffle and lead to costly mistakes. But you know this, so it’s time […]

Three Ways to Get Ahead of Entity Management as a New General Counsel

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You’ve recently become your organization’s new general counsel – congratulations! We know you have a lot on your plate. Chief among the list of responsibilities you’ve assumed is protecting the business from risk. Foundational to that is ensuring the business is compliant across all jurisdictions in which it operates. Despite the threats associated with noncompliance, […]

How In-House Counsels Can Better Handle Corporate Compliance & Risk Management

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In-house legal counsel is expected to handle more today than ever before. Being at the forefront of technology has never been as vital for corporate attorneys as it is today. There’s always a new tool to utilize in the ever-changing fields of compliance and risk or a novel skill to learn. Many in-house counsels find […]