Bringing Entity Maintenance into Your Daily Workflow with Calendar Integration

calendar integration

“If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist.” One of the most common phrases in business resonated so much with us, we did something about it. Here’s what you need to know about Filejet’s Google and Outlook calendar integrations.  Sync with Your Existing Google or Outlook Calendar Filejet syncs with your work calendar to […]

What is Entity Management?

entity management.

Entity management is considered a discipline and will require the right tools to be successful. Here are a few entity management tips to help.

Three Ways to Maintain Client Privacy as a Property Management Company

Property managers have access to their residents’ private information, including addresses, social security numbers, and banking information. It is their responsibility to safeguard this information from prying eyes. So, how does a property manager go about doing this? Here are three tips to get you started: 1. Invest in Cyber Security Hackers are more sophisticated […]

Two Legal Tips for Forming an LLC & Associated Business Entities

forming an LLC

The term LLC stands for “limited liability company.” As the name suggests, there are definite legal and financial benefits to forming an LLC. However, creating a new LLC must be done properly in order for your business to remain compliant with federal and state laws and avoid penalties. Here are 2 legal tips on how […]

Three Tips for Performing a Breakeven Analysis

break-even analysis

As a new business owner, one of the things you will have to do is a break-even analysis. A break-even analysis will predict when your business will earn enough revenue to cover the expenses. For an accurate analysis, you will need to predict what your costs and profits will be. Here are some tips to […]