Entity Management Software: Addressing Inadequate Reporting

Poor reporting leads to bad decisions, false data, and inefficient practices, but finding the right entity management solution can allow your company to create quality reporting that can inform better decision-making. Your best bet is to find a solution that can help your business bridge the gap between inadequate reports and informed decisions. The Current […]

How the Corporate Transparency Act Impacts Entity Management

New regulations

Since the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) was enacted into law in 2021 it hasn’t received significant attention outside the legal community. Many businesses remain unfamiliar with CTA’s exact stipulations even though the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) estimates that its reporting requirements will affect over 32 million business entities. Failure to comply with these requirements […]

How to Optimize Your Entity Management Lifecycle with Filejet

Maintaining effective entity management can be extremely difficult, especially while scaling your business. Improper entity management can cause serious compliance risks that do irreparable harm to your corporation.  Your company can mitigate this risk and avoid harm to your business. You can prevent problems before they happen with key tools that keep you protected. Softwares […]

How to Streamline Your Business Entity Report Filing

Businesses must file entity reports with their Secretary of State department on a regular basis. The information required and the filing methods vary between states, but there are some commonalities in best practices for organizing and preparing a business entity report. The best way to simplify your business entity report filing is by adopting the […]

Seven Automation Benefits for Using Entity Management Software

Intelligent entity management software presents a host of benefits for any business. Automation is just one aspect of a robust entity management system that offers multi-faceted perks. Read on to learn more about the top seven automation benefits and understand how your business-specific niche may be able to utilize automation in exciting ways. 1. On-Time […]

Entity Management Solutions: Fixing Information Silos

“Siloed data is one of the biggest obstacles hampering growth for today’s businesses.” Sommer Esparza, Filejet Director of Operations Tweet Data silos are information repositories controlled by a department in isolation from the rest of the organization. They are a plague that suppresses many modern companies’ efforts to thrive or even survive. Data silos hamper […]

Should You Outsource Your Entity Management Needs?

Entity management is a big part of the job for any corporate legal department. The more documents your business builds up, the more complex and essential entity management becomes. That’s why proper entity management is so important. It’s also why so many businesses feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to outsourcing. On one […]

Five Things You Want in Legal Entity Management Software

There’s no question that entity management is time-consuming and increasingly complex. The amount of information you must track, organize, and manage is daunting for many companies. An entity management system should take the stress of management away — not add more. The best entity management system puts you in direct control of your entities. It […]