How to Maintain a Compliance Calendar Without Stress

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In a world where legislation is constantly changing and new regulations are being implemented, businesses must be up to date on their compliance obligations. Otherwise, businesses know they could find themselves in serious trouble. Compliance is a modern priority for all companies, and Filejet is a solution that manages the heavy workload while lifting stress. […]

Entity Management Software: Addressing Inadequate Reporting

Poor reporting leads to bad decisions, false data, and inefficient practices, but finding the right entity management solution can allow your company to create quality reporting that can inform better decision-making. Your best bet is to find a solution that can help your business bridge the gap between inadequate reports and informed decisions. The Current […]

Business License Renewal: Eliminate Disorganization & Process Headaches

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Clearly, it’s vital to be recognized by your government as a business in order to do business. The last thing your company needs are headaches and complications surrounding your business license renewal process. Most in-house legal teams are absolute champs who are proactive with business license renewal whenever possible. However, heavy workloads and organizational burdens […]

Entity Management Solutions: Fixing Information Silos

“Siloed data is one of the biggest obstacles hampering growth for today’s businesses.” Sommer Esparza, Filejet Director of Operations Tweet Data silos are information repositories controlled by a department in isolation from the rest of the organization. They are a plague that suppresses many modern companies’ efforts to thrive or even survive. Data silos hamper […]

Should You Outsource Your Entity Management Needs?

Entity management is a big part of the job for any corporate legal department. The more documents your business builds up, the more complex and essential entity management becomes. That’s why proper entity management is so important. It’s also why so many businesses feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to outsourcing. On one […]

Three Steps to Prevent the Involuntary Dissolution of Your S-Corp


Many small businesses form S-Corps, or S corporations, because such a corporate structure combines the benefits of a partnership with the benefits of a C-corporation. Unfortunately, the state the S-Corp is operating in can dissolve the S-Corp if certain annual maintenance steps aren’t completed. To prevent your S-Corp from being dissolved involuntarily, follow these three steps every year. 

What is Entity Management?

entity management.

Entity management is considered a discipline and will require the right tools to be successful. Here are a few entity management tips to help.

Three Insightful Tips for How Law Firms Can Practice Risk Mitigation

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Running a law firm isn’t easy- plenty of risks await you. The rapid increase of cyberattacks is doing little to minimize a law firm’s exposure to risk. Combine that with risks such as inconsistent filing procedures, and you have a gamut of challenges that can halt your firm’s operation.